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  3. What is your most hated gameplay segment of any RE game?

User Info: Setsunahenry

1 month ago#21
That QTE tapping button in RE4.

Also, that Chris's Campaign chasing Carla with vehicle is the worst. I am referring to driving and shooting part.
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User Info: Terenigma

1 month ago#22
Literally everything in 6. Everything.
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User Info: Det_Beauregard

1 month ago#23
I’ll go game-by-game for more thorough coverage...

RE0: The entire treatment plant. It’s just boooooooring. At this point the game’s item-boxless mechanics have worn tired and I just want to finish the damned thing.
REmake: The caverns (courtyard basement). Again, boring.
RE2 (original): The Sherry segments, although they’re not that bad. This game probably has the best pacing out of all of them.
RE3: The dead factory, I suppose. The final Nemesis fight has always underwhelmed me.
CVX: The Steve “fight.” I hope that when the game gets remade, Capcom makes it more like the version in Darkside Chronicles.
File #1: Not a popular opinion, but I was never a huge fan of the Outbreak scenario once you leave the bar. I also disliked the parts of the hospital where the leech man kept reappearing.
File #2: Some parts of Underbelly and the final scenario (sewers) were kind of bland.
RE4: The water room, the Salazar statue, the bulldozer part of the island, the jet ski escape... but the absolute worst? The Krauser QTE, because you couldn’t skip it.
Revelations: Any of the non-Jill non-ship segments, but the Terragrigia ones in particular. Quint and Keith were obnoxious, but not as much as fighting off hunters with 15 handgun rounds.
RE5: The entire Ndesu chapter, obviously.
Revelations 2: There were a lot, mostly in Barry’s campaign. Neither campaign was terribly fun on repeat plays.
RE6: As stated in my previous post, all of the non-VTOL vehicle sections. Also like 90% of everything else.
RE7: The beginning (before the main house) is a slog, as is the end once you reach the guest house again. Lucas’s playpen also gets old.
RE2 (remake): Easily the Ada and Sherry parts, in particular the latter. Her parts were fine in the original game, but after you’ve played the hide n’ seek once, it’s just boring.

User Info: WarGreymon77

1 month ago#24
Oh, I always hate hunter segments. RE1/REmake, but also Code Veronica. Seems like Code Veronica is what happens when you put all of the most frustrating gameplay elements into a single game. Ugh. Don't get me wrong. Still an entertaining game. But why all the rage inducing stuff?
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User Info: Chrebet808

1 month ago#25
The ruins in re5.
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User Info: Draug

1 month ago#26
Resident Evil 6, except the first 45 minutes of Leon's campaign!
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User Info: Spiritlittle

1 month ago#27
All of RE6 for obvious reasons.

Never found any other game a chore to play; I enjoyed every section.
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All of RE4

User Info: Crimson_Storm

1 month ago#29
Draug posted...
Resident Evil 6, except the first 45 minutes of Leon's campaign!
That was bad too imo. Forced walking and it trying to force horror vibes into what’s clearly an action game.
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User Info: BIack_Dynamite

1 month ago#30
Everything in the castle in RE4, it’s awful. It looks boring, the zealots are not interesting, there’s no atmosphere, it just kills the pacing and drags on for hours. Worst part of any RE game, by far.
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