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  3. What is your most hated gameplay segment of any RE game?

User Info: ManuMIAS

4 weeks ago#111
doowop posted...
the entire "resident evil" 7 game

xandedxdurex posted...
RE0. The whole game.

Orasion_Seiz posted...
Antartica part of CV. I always hated that part dont know why.

I can relate with those.
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User Info: KarmelCHAOS

4 weeks ago#112
80% of Chris' portion of Code Veronica. I love this game, but his section was WAY too long and just full of backtracking.

User Info: redorblue88

4 weeks ago#113
doowop posted...
the entire "resident evil" 7 game

User Info: Broda69

3 weeks ago#114
My most frustrating moment in the series for me was the Wesker & Jill vs Chris & Sheva fight in RE5, chapter 5 - 3 on PROFESSIONAL. I almost gave up because one hit from either of them puts Sheva or Chris in Danger, but then I discovered the "Stair trick" to taking out Wesker easily with a magnum. Thank god because I never would have beat it by myself. Sheva's AI just cannot handle that fight.
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User Info: Moeman_

3 weeks ago#115
RE0, Chris' part of REC:V, RE4, the generic BSAA dudes (white nerd and black sarcastic) in RE:R1, the water treatment puzzle in RE3
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User Info: Foxhound3857

3 weeks ago#116
The drawbridge room in Resident Evil 4, Chapter 3-1. Way too many Zealots.
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User Info: Allen3388

3 weeks ago#117
I'm going Ashley escorting, she was a pain to have to deal with especially on that hall part where shes by herself.

Ethan must die was stupid, gave up after numerous trys. And even using others strats didnt help, rng was too wonky but overall Ashley was worse cost me a no save run.
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User Info: Thundercats-Ho

3 weeks ago#118
Trying to avoid the fat ass police chief with Sherry in the orphanage and the part with Ada soloing and trying to avoid Tyrant. On hardcore, I had to go all the way back to my last ink ribbon save when I died.
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User Info: Allen3388

3 weeks ago#119
BIack_Dynamite posted...
Nobody has tried No Hope in 6 I see
I have and it was annoying but didn't reach "most hated" and the game overall sucked

User Info: ManuMIAS

2 weeks ago#120
KYO2017 posted...
1] Chris chapter 5.2 running from haos .(must have shotgun equipped . save on usb and use the the ps3 button quit . i am replaying no hope at the moment for the 2nd time)

2] rer2 switching characters. no online coop in campaign

3] rer ... poor dodging mechanics

4] re5 and older .....tank controls , wasting time to find things

Again my best RE game is re6 , because it uses advance mechanics and expand the series to new levels. I do not have a ps4 , but I expect the newer games to have good controls (even trying to match RE6 mechanics)

finally someone with brains, I'm sorry but you gonna have a couple of rabid people telling you how RE6 is trash and its horrible long while the same people spend a week playing RE7 demo trying to find the purpose of a mannequin finger.
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