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  3. What is your most hated gameplay segment of any RE game?

User Info: ZoaMang

4 weeks ago#101
RE2 reimagining: Most hated segment is G2. I have tactics, enemy behaviors, etc., down and understood quite well for both scenarios. But G2 is the epitome of bad design. Small area, has great reach, and sometimes he’ll just walk around next to you not doing anything until he does something you can’t dodge. He’s ruined sooooooo many no damage runs because of his s*** design.

RE4: Water hall is one of them.

RE5: I have spawns and general consistent behavior for the enemy AI mapped down. Was able to beat professional no damage because of this. Chapter 2-3 is overall a terrible experience, and even though it has Ndesu, he’s not at all that difficult. It just takes a while because you have to three cycle him a lot. The goddamn savanna segment is the worst. The only other most hated segment in the game is Desperate Escape on professional with Gatling Gun Majini spawn tables. There’s way too much RNG in this side mode, and it doesn’t help Reapers appear like a 9:1 ratio for Executioners to spawn. Execs are INFINITELY more easy to deal with that Reapers.

RE6: Basically the whole package is a steaming pile of s***. No idea how this abomination was even birthed.

User Info: BIack_Dynamite

4 weeks ago#102
Nobody has tried No Hope in 6 I see

User Info: ZoaMang

4 weeks ago#103
BIack_Dynamite posted...
Nobody has tried No Hope in 6 I see
I have. It’s not fun.
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User Info: unclebaked

4 weeks ago#105
5, in its entirety
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User Info: CloudTifa7

4 weeks ago#106
doowop posted...
the entire "resident evil" 7 game
This, it is the only RE game i have yet to play

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User Info: SSBBisawesome

4 weeks ago#107
Honestly, the only 2 things I really dread playing through are...

1.) RE2 Remake: The sewers. The G Spawn are SO ANNOYING. I adore this game, but man...

2.) CV: The Moth hallway. Just... why?
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User Info: riddlebox89

4 weeks ago#108
SSBBisawesome posted...
2.) CV: The Moth hallway. Just... why?

I guess they used a time machine to go into the future and saw all the complaints that the moth wasn't in REmake 2 and figured people liked moths.
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User Info: xandedxdurex

4 weeks ago#109
RE0. The whole game.

User Info: Orasion_Seiz

4 weeks ago#110
Antartica part of CV. I always hated that part dont know why.
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  3. What is your most hated gameplay segment of any RE game?
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