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User Info: Darkside_Hazuki

1 month ago#31
CODEumb87 posted...
Because some people might want to experience it without dated game mechanics?
OTS is a dated game mechanic, and every other developer is doing it. They've all been doing it since PS1, while Fixed Camera is still a unique gaming experience that hasn't been driven into the ground by every developer on the market making games for people that don't like intuitiveness or the effort of learning a unique control scheme.

RE4 changed the formula because the older games felt like "more of the same" and the current formula has been "more of the same" since RE6 and Rev2.

But I'd take either one over generic-ass FPS RE7.
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User Info: Malevolent_Moon

1 month ago#32
For the love of God no.

Leave REmake alone. It can't be topped, don't even try.

Let's remake the Mona Lisa while we're at it. Or the Statue of Liberty?
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User Info: ben121223232424

1 month ago#33
Remake Dino Crisis 1+2

User Info: momo92

1 month ago#34
Remake Outbreak files 1 & 2 and ORC please
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User Info: Det_Beauregard

1 month ago#35
Please no. The Remake is amazing as it is, and a perfect prequel to the RE2 remake. Focus on Code Veronica next.

User Info: ManuMIAS

1 month ago#36
TrueGB posted...
They said that they're interested in bringing modern gameplay mechanics to REmake, but that's about it. I doubt they would change the story.

if they want to remake remake they would have to be way longer than 2 hours, the campaign its pretty short if it wasn't for those obnoxious puzzles.

Would be nice expanding everything but with RE2 Remake I think they don't want to expand much.
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User Info: tombrady3to1

1 month ago#37
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User Info: altblahblahblah

1 month ago#38
we know they've been working on RE8 for a LONG time, and keep in mind, we know RE3 is not being made by the main capcom team that made RE2 so...RE8 is next...obviously.

Beyond that? dunno, though i think another revelations is a good bet. I don't see them doing Code Veronica or RE1 for a variety of reasons.

User Info: altblahblahblah

1 month ago#39
tombrady3to1 posted...

yeah...no, stop pushing that nonsense, its a goddamn remake

User Info: Rizeroth

1 month ago#40
CODEumb87 posted...
Because some people might want to experience it without dated game mechanics?
That's like saying that you don't want to experience pizza with cheese and bread. It's part of the identity of the game. It's what makes the game what it is.
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