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User Info: KialGreenwood

4 weeks ago#1
After this game is released do you think they will remake the first game again to bring it in line with the style of these two remakes? Alternatively do you think they will either look towards remaking code Veronica or just moving on to RE8? Any preferences for future remakes?

User Info: Darkside_Hazuki

4 weeks ago#2
That'd be a true DEmake.
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User Info: Mehran456

4 weeks ago#3

If they're gonna do another Remake then hopefully it's either CV or Dino Crisis
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User Info: RiKuToTheMiGhtY

4 weeks ago#4
Do they have a huge fan base or demand for Dino Crisis though ??

I only know about it because of RE fans saying how interesting it was.
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User Info: CODEumb87

4 weeks ago#5
I’m all for another RE1 remake.

Free roaming Lisa Trevor sounds so appeasing.

User Info: edward18

4 weeks ago#6
Why the f*** would you remake a remake?
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User Info: Venage27

4 weeks ago#7
Nah. The first Remake is pretty much perfect. There is no need to "reimagining" or whatever. Plus they are going to "modernize the STARS uniforms and ruin them but turning them into the most soulless, generic and boring police uniforms imaginable (kinda like they are doing Claire and Jill's designs). No thanks.
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User Info: CODEumb87

4 weeks ago#8
edward18 posted...
Why the f*** would you remake a remake?

Because some people might want to experience it without dated game mechanics?

User Info: Four_Archfiends

4 weeks ago#9
I hope so and I think they'll eventually remake the 1st one again with OTS and expand the game with more changes to make it better in every way. Who knows, we might even have cutscenes involving Jill, Chris, Rebecca, and Barry together this time.
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User Info: Malakaz

4 weeks ago#10
I would think they would remake 0 or CV next. I doubt they will remake REmake soon. Unless its been another 10 years and all the remakes are done and RE8 is out then maybe they go back in Remake it to keep Resident evil relevant and gaining revenue.
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