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  3. Why is an OPEN WORLD RACOON CITY too much to ask for? Huh? HAH!

User Info: hunkisgod

1 month ago#11

Fallen order:......so anyway, I started slashing right

User Info: TrueGB

1 month ago#12
GiGAHEARTMAN posted...
Of course not, dude.

its EA & its not KOTOR 3, so EA can suck a f***, they aint takin my PS4 money.

I can't argue with that sentiment, screw EA from blocking Bioware from doing KOTOR3 on multiple occasions, but I will say Fallen Order has done a lot to trounce the idea that linear is somehow outdated.
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User Info: luigi33

1 month ago#13
Structurally, Racoon city was built to specifically NOT feel open and expansive. It was designed, deliberately mind you, to be a maze, claustrophobic, and labyrinth-like. The city was a front for a massive underground lab.

Racoon being "open world" would fundamentally miss the point of the city itself.
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User Info: TrueGB

1 month ago#14
A better question would be why is it too much to ask for a lower budget FC game? If some indie guys can do it, certainly Capcom can whip something up. They already did it for Mega Man, although admittingly that game likely had a relatively tiny budget.
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User Info: ToveriJuri

1 month ago#15
Oh it's the dollar store version of rattergun again. Did your previous account get banned or did you just want to make a fresh one for this board?
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User Info: BIack_Dynamite

1 month ago#16
GiGAHEARTMAN posted...
Linear games are just so lame, so last-gen, just why cant the Capcom guys just freakin do it?

If Days Gone can prove that you can do an open world zombie game, why cant a bigger company like Capcom cant pull something like that off? Whats the point of their revenue from selling costumes (LOL) & colors (DOUBLE LOL) in Street Fighter 5 to gullible guys?

I just want a fully explorable Raccoon City, with back alleyways, tons of streets & diners, use cars & bikes like Alice in RE movies, etc. in this RE3 remake.

Thoughts on this Resifans.


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User Info: Xade

1 month ago#17
It would be awesome!

Resident Evil meets GTA, an open world city with zombies. Various missions you can do, areas you can explore and monsters to either fight or escape from. Maybe add a Nemesis that can be anywhere. Maybe even some vehicles.

Could absolutely work if there was a main story line with main quests that focused on escaping, but with tons of side quests, to help survivors or collect various stuff.

This is my dreamgame!

User Info: TheMKDestroyer

1 month ago#18
Open world games are the ones that are getting lame and boring to play. At first they were cool but then you realize you're just running around looking at the environments for hours of your time.

User Info: ManuMIAS

1 month ago#19
this people hear Alice name and their brains really freak out, lmao

Milla JOVOVICH movies are great period, so you nerds need to chill out.

And also some of the games were a bit sandbox, outbreak and operation raccoon city but they had block paths, if you replay the good guys story you can see how some areas are very open but there are things blocking the path.

I would had rather RE2 or RE3 be a real re imagine or remakes with more open areas instead o the same old thing and restricted controls worse than RE4. idk how its even praised. awful aim and bullet sponge enemies.
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User Info: You_Need_A_Life

1 month ago#20
GiGAHEARTMAN posted...
Linear games are just so lame, so last-gen, just why cant the Capcom guys just freakin do it?

This being one of the dumbest statements I’ve ever read on this site aside, I do think a sandbox Raccoon City could be awesome, but it’d have to be more of a stealth/survival game than an action game to be really thrilling.
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