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  3. Which Jill do you prefer?

User Info: maxthunder30

6 days ago#1
This one?
Or this one?
Or maybe this one
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User Info: Venage27

6 days ago#2
The original one. I'm not a big fan of the redesigns. They look boring imo
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User Info: Mehran456

6 days ago#3
Both are good
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Jill looks way different and a lot better in the actual game than those screenshots of hers with the new trailer. So definitely the new Jill and not only her but the rest of the cast like Carlos, Nickolai, Brad etc are all so much better in the new one. Even new Dario who looks like a older version of Frank West.
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Definitely the first one. The remake redesign is completely fine in a vacuum. My only issue with it is I don't see the reason to change Jill's design, especially when there are some recent stuff still going with Voth Jill to this day. I know they changed everyone else so it was to be expected to see them change Jill as well, but part of me was hoping that given how Jill's look is by far the most iconic in the RE series, and the fact that Julia Voth is not only available, but is also represented by the same agency that Capcom's been using for their RE Engine games, would've meant that Jill would still look the same. Alas, they changed her. I'll live with it, but I'm still a bit disappointed.
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I'll have to say though, that pic of Remake Jill doesn't look great, which is odd because she looks the most like her model in that pic. In other instances she looks like Milla Jovovich, or even Natalie Portman (on the cover). Her eyes look completely different in some angles, with much sharper eyes in the Milla looking screens. Honestly not sure what's up with the RE Engine and making characters looking different in every scene. Some shots Remake Jill looks great, and some shots she looks odd. Hope the game can stay consistent with how she looks.
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User Info: WhyitEarp

6 days ago#7
Holy s***, that second pic is the one where she REALLY looks like a dude lol.

User Info: markm316

6 days ago#8
The first picture, for sure.
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These are all pretty bad. The first one seems okay but Voth Jill always looks worse in-game.
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User Info: Litane

6 days ago#10
I prefer the new one, especially in the classic outfit. She looks more natural, imo Voth Jill looked blank and doll like.
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