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  3. How many RE games do you currently own?
I own all the numbered titles, Code: Veronica, Survivor, Gaiden, Dead Aim and both Revelations games. Nothing revisionist, though, at least for now.
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User Info: ToveriJuri

1 week ago#22
StrangerDanger2 posted...
Do ISO files really count?

If you burned them yourself from copies you own then yes. Though I doubt TC did.

As for the list.

Currently own:

REmake (GC, PS3/PS4, Steam)
RE0 (GC, PS3/PS4, Steam)
RE4 (PS2, Steam)
RE7 (Steam)
REmake 2 (Steam)
RE Gaiden (GBC)
RE Revelations (3DS)
RE Mercenaries 3D (3DS)

Played but don't own:

Never owned RE 2 and 3. Borrowed them from a friend.
Used to own CVX on PS2 but don't remember what happened to it.
Never owned RE5 played start to finish with a friend who owned it.
Sold RE 6 (PS3).

Watched someone else play:
RE1 Directors cut
Revelations 2.
PSN: ToveriJuri
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User Info: scabab

1 week ago#23
Well I have

Resident Evil 1, 2 and Survivor on PS1. Code Veronica, 4, Outbreak on PS2. Resident Evil 5, 6, Remake, Revelations on PS3. Revelations 2, 7 and Remake 2 on PS2.

I think that's it. I had Resident Evil 3 on a copies PS1 disc.

User Info: Waldie1877

1 week ago#24
RE0 - PS3
RE1 DC - PS3 / PSP
REmake - PS4, PS3 and PC
RE2 - PS1, PS3 / PSP
RE3 - PS3 / PSP
RE4 - PS2, HD version - PC
RE5 - 360, PC
RE6 - PC
REV1 - PS3
RE7 - PS4
REmake 2 - PS4

User Info: KarmelCHAOS

1 week ago#25
PS4 - REmake, RE2make
PC/Xbox 360 - RE4

That's it lol
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User Info: huyi

1 week ago#26
pretty much own all of them, multiple times too and different re releases on top of that. all original copies mind you.

I even own resident evil gaiden the gameboy colour game.
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Used to have REmake, RE3 & RE4 on Gamecube, but no longer. Used to have RE1 on PS1, but I don’t think I have it anymore.

Currently, I have REmake, REØ, RE5, ORC, I must have RE6 because I played it as long as I could without throwing up, and Revelations 2 on the PS3.

For PS4, REmake2 obviously.
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Currently own

RE Rev2
RE Remake Remaster
RE 0 Remaster
RE2 Remake

RE Code Veronica

Nintendo Wii
Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles

Waiting for Senpai to blank me.

User Info: Fire_Emblem_

1 week ago#29
Classic Re1
Classic Re2
Classic Re3
Remake 2
Rev 1
Rev 2
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User Info: SpikeandDru

1 week ago#30
Playstation: Re 1, Re 1 directors cut, Re 2, Re 2 dual shock, Re 3, Re Survivor

PC: Re 1, Re 2

N64: Re 2

Dreamcast: Re Code Veronica

Gba: Re Gaiden

Ps2: Outbreak file 1 and 2, dead aim

Gamecube : Remake, re 0, re 2, re 3, Re 4, code veronica x

Ps3: Re 5, Re revelations, Revelations 2, umbrella chronicles, darkside chronicles

Xbox 360: Re 5, Re 6 Archives edition, operation Raccoon City, Re 4

Wii: Umbrella chronicles, Darkside Chronicles

DS: re deadly silence

3ds: Re mercenaries, re revelations

Ps4: Re 7, remaster HD, Re 0 HD, umbrella corps (never played but bought it for like 4 bucks), Re 2 Remake.

Resident Evil and Silent Hill are two of my favorite franchises so I own all the games ha ha
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  3. How many RE games do you currently own?
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