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  3. Final Fantasy 7 Remake delayed to a week after this game's release.

User Info: hunkisgod

4 weeks ago#51
Not done and needs polishing
To dodge a certain games release(some devs will out right pushback their game if its release any where near a rockstar game)

User Info: Malevolent_Moon

4 weeks ago#52
Decapre posted...
Cyberpunk just got delayed until September.

Great news for R3make.
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User Info: ManuMIAS

4 weeks ago#53
despite they are japanese games I don't think they cater the same audience for example I don't give a f about final fantasy series, i try them but its not my cup of tea, not fan of the gameplay.
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User Info: TrueGB

4 weeks ago#54
7 days? That's enough to completely beat the game and all of its bonus content. No prob.
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User Info: Setsunahenry

4 weeks ago#55
I really want to buy FFVIIIR but Square Enix make the game to multi parts so I am not interest with the game anymore.
RE3R still a must play game for me.

User Info: altblahblahblah

4 weeks ago#56
Four_Archfiends posted...
Both are the best undisputed game of their series so I doubt they would affect each others sale. Fans of both will surely get both.

there is a LOT of dispute about FF7 actually...

and nobody would argue RE3 is the best Resident Evil, its usually a fight over 1 and 2. (its 1)
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  3. Final Fantasy 7 Remake delayed to a week after this game's release.
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