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User Info: Phoenixeater

6 days ago#111
@Black_Dynamite @StrangerDanger2 You two are responding to a known troll. Just ignore him.
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SteelDragon2050 posted...
You'll have to forgive me. i haven't played RE1 or REmake in a year or so.
It's cool, but...

SSJ_Jin posted...
Ew. Don't ruin the RE3 hype by mentioning that trash, please.
I have nothing to do with this part of the conversation, but CV needs a remake more then any other RE. It's in that strange transition from Survival to action. Full 3D environs, but fixed camera and tank(granted RE4 still used Tank) controls. Respawning enemies with limited resources.

This is the second time I heard someone say the Itch Tastey file was talking about Hunters in regards to the "skinned gorillas." Am I the only one who thought the file was talking about the Chimeras? They had hair, were skinned, brown, and the only thing I could see playing with their food. Hunters are clearly reptiles, don't see how Itchy Tastey man could have mistaken them for gorillas.
I always thought it was a Chimera myself, not to mention the T-002 was in a incubation tank due to it's exposed heart and rare manufacturing method. I got my misinformation from...

It definitely wasn't T-002.
Since anybody can edit a wiki, it's possibly just somebody making a bad assumption or it's just bulls***.
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User Info: TheOtherMike

5 days ago#113
I always thought Keeper's Diary was referencing hunters, but wasn't certain. Honestly neither hunters nor chimeras fit the description of "skinned gorilla" since hunters are reptilian and chimeras are insectoid. It's not terribly relevant either way, though.

User Info: windice93

5 days ago#114
I know the trolly didn’t make much sense but I would rather have that than the subway.

User Info: DumbAF

5 days ago#115
StrangerDanger2 posted...
Interesting note about the Subway in the trailer, the sign and the A C logo are fashioned after those here in NYC.

I had to zoom in to make sure it didn’t say Canal Street 😂
When I saw the station entrance, I did a double take to make sure I wasn't looking up travel information unintentionally.
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  3. New trailer showing more of Nemesis!!!
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