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  3. Why do the RElitists dislike RE7?
Toan posted...
That's why I think RE 8 and 9 should be in FP to finish up the FP trilogy
Sweet Jesus... I sat out RE7 because I dislike FPP games, so that would mean skipping 3 games lol

The closest I ever got to enjoying an FPP experience was RE Dead Aim, but I wouldn't have liked it if the entire game was seen through a character's eyes. Darkside Chronicles' saving graces were Alyson Court voicing Claire and nicely remade environments.

There's something uneppealing (for me at least) about playing as a faceless - let alone a headless - character such as Ethan.

User Info: tracazoid

1 week ago#42
Hippaul posted...
I didn't like anything after the Maguerite boss fight tbh. Lucas for example, sucks donkey balls as a character.

But before that I really liked it.

You don't like the best puzzle in the game? I mean, the Birthday Puzzle sure beats out a repeated Shadow "Puzzle", which they had decided to use three times for some reason. Whatever one thinks of Lucas as a character I would argue it's the ship and mines where RE7 starts to wane and lose its thunder.
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User Info: riddlebox89

1 week ago#43
tracazoid posted...
Meh, a s*** final boss hardly makes or breaks a game or else nobody would remember or speak positively of Batman Arkham Asylum.

Yeah this.

Hell the final boss of Dark Souls was disappointing, that didn't turn a good game into trash.
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Toan posted...
That's why I think RE 8 and 9 should be in FP to finish up the FP trilogy
I concur, and that's coming from someone that initially wasn't "in" on the RE7 hype.. Thought it was a quick cash grab coming from the massive hype surrounding P.T..

It wasn't until I tried it out with VR that I thought that this game was legit. Needless to say I ended up purchasing it and it's now one of my top 5 RE games.

User Info: Jonor57

1 week ago#45
Resident Evil 7 is by no means a bad game, it's pretty good actually. The setting is amazing and atmospheric, evocative of the Spencer mansion but never overly nostalgic, the villains are intimidating and memorable, and the gameplay is classic satisfying Resident Evil with inventory-management, limmited ammo, puzzles, and backtracking.

But it has some flaws that holds back it's true potential as a masterpiece.

1: The design of the molded are not very interesting and do not fit with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre-look they went for.

2: The game is far too scripted and directed. Exploration is not as flexible when compared to say, REmake2, and there are far too many moments of scripted scares.

3: The last painfully bad third act, with the overly long ship, dull mines, and hordes of molded.

4: Some of the DLC and elements of it should have been in the main game. The blackjack game with Lucas, the bedroom-escape, daughters flashback, and final fight with Lucas should be part of the main storyline. I would also like if they traded the ship and mines in favor of the swamp-scenery in End of Zoe.

Those four aside, it is a good game with a good new direction whose flaws can be improved upon in future installments.
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User Info: SirHeiska

1 week ago#46
I think its because how tightly scripted it is. There is little room for player improvisation.

User Info: Setsunahenry

1 week ago#47
Ship segment is really boring.

User Info: ToveriJuri

1 week ago#48
Having a preference and not liking the same type of games TC likes is elitism. Good to know.

Despite being tonally similar and being closer to original classic RE games than 6, 5 and even 4 it still plays very differently. Storywise it's barely even related to the other RE games.

I think RE7 was OK. I don't see why everyone should like it just because they liked the vastly different classics.
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User Info: McLahey

1 week ago#49
Because it's a mediocre game and a s*** Resident Evil.
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User Info: edward18

1 week ago#50
The Mold makes no god damn sense.
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