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User Info: Four_Archfiends

1 month ago#1
The city would be explorable but not to the level of a full sandbox game - this is actually very good news because this means Raccoon City will have more to explore compare to the original but not as much as a actual sandbox game.This is perfect because turning Raccoon City into a full sandbox game would lower the overall quality. That is why what we're getting is the best possible outcome.

A game with way more to explore compared to original 3 while still maintaining the high quality. Also really like how the sounds you make can determine the danger level as you explore the city. Gives you that dynamic unease and random feeling not knowing what to expect as you explore different parts of the city. Now you have to decide if it's worth it to head to a certain place now or alter when you get more ammo but there might be more monsters later on so you have to worry about that too.

What about living civilians. I bet now you can actually meet a lot of them and depending on your choices, some of them might survive or die. Maybe that'll have some missions where you can help them out like getting a item from a certain shop a few blocks down. Some might have upgrade parts for you, some might have ammo or healing items or some important quest items. Many possible outcomes.

Live selections removed - It's actually better with them being removed because now you get to decide what you wanna do on the fly. A group of zombies coming for you? Well now you make the choice of either running this way or that way or going into the room behind you and locking the door, or jumping out the window etc. The train won't stop moving? Well now you get to decide if you wanna make your character pull the brakes or just jump out. And many more examples. With the original live selections, you're limited to only 2 choices with each one. Now it's as much choice as you want depending on the situation.

Overall I can see just the single player being very replayable with it's dynamic system and can see how each playthrough can be different and interesting.
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User Info: WhyitEarp

1 month ago#3
Oh hey, it’s the Gamefaqs Capcom/SE rep!

User Info: ChaozCloud

1 month ago#4
This sounds like a sure way to end up disappointed.
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User Info: Fire_Emblem_

1 month ago#5
Please ignore the butthurt trolls.
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User Info: TheOtherMike

1 month ago#6
I'm definitely interested to see how the game plays. I've always wanted a more open Raccoon City. The fact that the original RE3 still had mostly narrow corridors and hallways simply themed as city streets always bothered me a bit (not that I don't still love the game, but nothing but back alleys and door transitions at every street end broke the immersion).

Live Selections always felt tacked on and out of place to me, so I don't mind their absence. As long as the gameplay mechanics allow for movement options like leaping out windows or barricading doors or whatever, then I feel player choices will be more organic and dynamic than scripted multiple choice selections.

Of course we'll have to wait and see how well the changes are implemented within the game's framework. There's definitely potential for a great game here, but I prefer to reserve judgement until there's more gameplay videos or a playable demo.

User Info: Zack_Attackv1

1 month ago#7
Jill! Jill! Jill!

User Info: You_Need_A_Life

1 month ago#8
Definitely looking forward to this game, but the original REmake is basically untouchable. If a game ever reached the level of perfection in regards to its specific genre, REmake 1 is perfection when it comes to Survival/Horror.
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User Info: Det_Beauregard

1 month ago#9
Zack_Attackv1 posted...
Jill! Jill! Jill!
What’s your take on Jill, Zack?
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