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Quick review, 7.5/10

Some of the shooting physics can be wonky, and there's a few issues like being seen and attacked before you even bust through the panels of a room, which gets you hit almost immediately. The camera isn't great. There is a lot to unlock, a lot of depth and a lot to keep going back to. The game looks fantastic and the narration is spot on. There needs to be more consistency with the difficulty, level 2 is so much harder than level 1, and then level 3 I made it through on my first attempt. I did about 20 playthroughs before I finally beat level 2.

If they fix a couple of the bugs, it's an 8 instead. I love this genre of game and they are few and far between. This is among the better ones i've played. Binding of Issac and Enter the Gungeon are still the best imo.
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