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  3. I'm starting to thing wonderbox is NOTHING like wonder trade!!!

User Info: FalxXD

1 year ago#1
It’s more like a LOOT BOX!! Pay money, get more frequent trades.

can any payed customers attest?
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User Info: Gsus_94

1 year ago#2
? If someone payed for the subscription, they won’t know if they’re getting more frequent trades because they payed.

I’ve heard it’s pretty slow overall. I have premium. posted 10 Pokémon last night and all were traded by the morning. Don’t know how fast they were traded though
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User Info: Frosted-cookiee

1 year ago#3
It just takes a few hours. Idk if it’s always going to be like that or something that is being worked on. I just think it’s a cool thing to exist in general, so I really didn’t have any expectations of it being instant.
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User Info: Srheeropercent

1 year ago#4
I do get excited when I see balls which arent poke, great or ultra in my wonderbox :D.

I do agree they take too long to trade. You could do way more than 10 surprise trades in game in 1 hr.

This method gets 10 traded sometime between 2 and 12 hrs.

I wish they could show it as push notifications when it happens.
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User Info: thegooblop

1 year ago#5
You don't know what a loot box is, plain and simple. Not every game purchase is a loot box.
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User Info: Kirby217

1 year ago#6
As a paid user, I can say that once every 5-7 hours, all 10 of mypokemon in the Wonder Box get traded. Def not as quick as the 1 by 1 Wonder Trade in game.
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  3. I'm starting to thing wonderbox is NOTHING like wonder trade!!!
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