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User Info: Dragonage2ftw

1 month ago#1
3 years ago, XBC2 came out! It introduced the series to a whole generation of new fans!

Happy birthday to the pinnacle of the series! I hope the next game has some cute girls in it, too!
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User Info: TeslaCoi1

1 month ago#2
Weird to think it's been that long already, and I still haven't played it. XD ( ^_^')

User Info: El_HP

1 month ago#3
2 was very dissapointing I hope 3 is set after the events of future connected.

User Info: bionis-hero

1 month ago#4
I went into 2 expecting it to be worse than Xenoblade 1. I was right BUT it was still an amazing game. I loved the storyline and most of the characters(Jin was my favorite) and I liked the gameplay. I did not like the blade system though, I'm glad that was removed from Torna: The Golden Country. Xenoblade Chronicles DE is still king though.
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