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User Info: ngyojiw

2 months ago#1
I had actually bought it since i happened to be at shopping mall (to get the physical copy). How long am i expected to play?

User Info: hailnickgriffin

2 months ago#2
I love it but it's not for everyone.

User Info: Tables

2 months ago#3
It's incredible. There's a reason it's gotten a remaster after 10 years and has grown a series out of it.

In terms of length, around 60-90 hours is typical.
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User Info: MallyPureSmooth

2 months ago#4
One of the best games ever made imo, and as for length, 60 - 70 hours is about the average completion time, but you can easily go way above that.

User Info: bionis-hero

2 months ago#5
It's my favorite game of all time. This version is also the best version of the first Xenoblade Chronicles, it has everything the old version had and more.

It is a very long game though. Like everyone else is saying it's around 60-80 hours or so.
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User Info: rosacea

2 months ago#6
Its one of the best games of the decade. But of course I am biased. Just play it and make your own mind up :)
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User Info: Raiden243

2 months ago#7
I beat it a week ago and it was awesome.

Finished it in 60 hours.

User Info: TeslaCoi1

2 months ago#8
How are you all so fast? I spent 30 hours on Future Connected alone... T_T I feel like I'm wasting my life away because everything takes me so long...What can I do to get faster?

User Info: lightdragoon88

2 months ago#9
TeslaCoi1 posted...
.What can I do to get faster?

First time playing it? Most of the faster ones are those who played it a lot and know how to max stuff out.

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User Info: TeslaCoi1

2 months ago#10
lightdragoon88 posted...
First time playing it? Most of the faster ones are those who played it a lot and know how to max stuff out.
First time playing FC. Second time playing the main game, and both were 100% runs. I know how to max stuff out as well.
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