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User Info: PrinceSquare

3 months ago#1
In a good way!

I played the original on the Wii years ago, but I never beat it. I had just finished the ice region, and stopped playing. I remember kind of enjoying the game, but feeling like it was just dragging on. One day I stopped and never got back to it.

I got the DE version and got passed that part, and the game TOOK OFF. The plot became amazing, the characters are wildly interesting. Fiora especially (though a bit disappointed in Sharlas character). But man it's a trip.

I want to try Xenoblade Chronicles 2 when the I finish (I've heard a lot of mixed things about it). And I'm still begging for Xenoblade Chronicles X to be ported. Also quick question. I don't recall, is XCX a sequel or spiritual sequel to Xenoblade?
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User Info: lightdragoon88

3 months ago#2
XCX is to Xenoblade what Final Fantasy is to each other: They shared similar themes/enemies/etc, but are never connected.

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User Info: Willians

3 months ago#3
lightdragoon88 posted...
XCX is to Xenoblade what Final Fantasy is to each other: They shared similar themes/enemies/etc, but are never connected.
You should check Takahashi latest interviews if you think that is the case...

Anyway, TC, definitely get Xenoblade 2 and Torna too, they are great, and yes, hopefully 1DE and 2 (which probably got a boost thanks do DE) sold enough for Nintendo to greenlight a Xenoblade X definitive edition, to which case, definitely buy it too!!

User Info: ForsakenDarknes

3 months ago#4
This is the first full-blown JRPG that I've ever played, and I'm absolutely loving it. The combat system makes for a fun puzzle, and the story is awesome. And I LOVE the OST. Especially the amazing guitar, piano and vocal work in Engage the Enemy.

I just wish that Sharla didn't go so skimpy with her clothing, but other than that, I'm having a blast. Seriously, I'm trying to have all the characters wear mostly the same armor sets (Eryth 1 is my current favorite), but Sharla doesn't seem to understand the concept of modesty...
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