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  3. I feel like I'm not getting the things I need in order to succeed in combat

User Info: Uglyface2

4 weeks ago#1
I'm still pretty early in the game (just reached the refugee camp). It feels like Reyn and Shulk aren't quite capable of fighting enemies, even weaker ones. I've been leveling their Arts (I'm not really sure what to use with Reyn since the AI isn't really clear on what its strategy is), and it's never quite enough. I just got killed by a large group of blue-colored enemies because of the bleeding effect (I was running and Light Heal was on cooldown).

I get that the powerful monsters are supposed to be hard to take down, but these weren't labeled as powerful. I'm not really sure what I'm missing. Any advice?

User Info: saint35

4 weeks ago#2
Levels make a huge difference in Xenoblade. One of the biggest factors of success in combat in Xenoblade is levels. Higher level enemies can get a higher chance to dodge your attacks. Meanwhile, the lower level a enemy is the more of a chance you have to dodge their attacks etc. Here is the effects of levels in combat: https://xenoblade.fandom.com/wiki/Level_(XC1)

Are you making sure to also use chain attacks, making sure the enemes are targeting Reyn and making sure to get the bonus damage from skills by attacking from the side or behind the enemy? Worst case scenario level another level or two and try again. Even gaining 1 or 2 levels can make a fight drastically easier.
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User Info: BloodMoon7

4 weeks ago#3
Well you have only those two and you got swarmed so that's pretty normal.
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User Info: Willians

4 weeks ago#4
If you are pretty early, just have Shulk and Reyn, and you got into a fight with several monsters, it is expected would could end up dying.

Anyway, for tips, pay attention to position arts so you can make the most of each art secondary effects, also, break/topple/daze combos are helpful. Remember to buy or equip proper armor, and, although there is no rush for it now, remember that equipping gems makes a difference.

User Info: IronTusk

4 weeks ago#5
You're about to get some help with your party so you can get the traditional DPS (Shulk), Tank (Reyn), and healer triangle.

Once you have that setup, Reyn's initial objective becomes to hold aggro so Shulk can break and backstab. Later on Reyn can offer the best burst damage in the game but don't worry about that right now.

Don't get too reliant on the healer -- they become sub-optimal quickly as Xenoblade doesn't need dedicated healing. But they'll help you understand the mechanics in the meantime.

User Info: dkgerbil2

4 weeks ago#6
Shulk and Reyn alone struggle a bit. When you get your next character (which is right where you are) it gets easier.
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  2. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition
  3. I feel like I'm not getting the things I need in order to succeed in combat
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