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User Info: backseat

4 weeks ago#1
Here's some important, less obvious ones:

Disable gyro while using stick - OFF

Aim smoothing - Essentially the console version of mouse acceleration. Makes aiming feel less responsive.

Aim technique - If you actually want "smoother" aim, consider exponential ramp or dual-zone. In general, exponential ramp can help a lot with precision at higher sensitivities or when playing with joy-cons whereas linear ramp can feel more consistent (e.g. 25% stick travel = 25% turn speed).

Consider disabling yaw or roll axis based on your controller. This made my aim significantly more consistent since only one axis is in control of horizontal aim. For example, I disable yaw axis on pro controller and roll axis on handheld.

Aim assist ease in - Not to be confused with regular aim assist. Determines how prominent the lock-on effect is, higher values making it less prominent. Low values are particularly helpful for hitscan characters like Soldier and Tracer while projectile characters benefit more from higher values since they often have to "lead" their shots. Keep in mind that lower values mess up your aim on one target if another walks by. Find a value that works for your character and feels comfortable.

Gyro-aiming pitch axis sensitivity - AKA vertical sensitivity. I recommend setting this lower than yaw/roll sensitivity for lining up headshots. You should be using right stick to relocate the reticle anyway.
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User Info: TheBest69

4 weeks ago#2
how do you disable jaw gyro for ProCon? I can only set the sensitivity?

User Info: OhGood

4 weeks ago#3
These are my recommended settings.


Horizontal sensitivity - 45
Vertical sensitivity - 30
Aim assist strength - 100
Aim assist window - 100
Aim assist ease in - 0
Aim smoothing - 100
Aim ease in - 0
Dual zone


Gyro aim pitch - 15
Gyro aim yaw - 35
Gyro aim roll - 35

Next go to controls for Ana. Scroll to hero settings. Find friendly aim assist and knock that up to 100. Its 0 by default.

Ana is the only character that has this setting. I only know it exists because I've been playing her for years. It will make it far easier to heal allies as the friendly aim assist is quite strong.
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User Info: Jikkle

4 weeks ago#4
Thanks for the tips since I mainly play PC and have no idea what controller settings I should look at and I'll be sure to give the setting posted here a try

I'll throw in a character specific one for Lucio but change his Jump from B to a button that allows you to jump/wall ride and be able to use the right stick to aim.

My preferred button is to make his jump ZL and his Boop B or R3. Your Lucio play will be far stronger if you change it to something like that.
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