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User Info: Rakin101

1 month ago#1
I'm thinking about buying this game soon, but I keep seeing mixed reviews about the way the game runs. Is the game fine for you all in docked mode, or does it have some issues? I'm used to playing on PS4, but I want to try out this version so that I don't need to pay for PS Plus regularly.
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User Info: greyfoxx69

1 month ago#2
I haven’t played docked but in handheld it runs great I never played the p4 version but I own the pc and it feel similar not as smooth just because it has a lower frame rate but it’s so steady it’s not an issue.
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User Info: Ross_the_Reaper

1 month ago#3
I have noticed any frame drops. Game looks and m feels better in handheld IMO. I'm thinking about picking up the mClassic to smooth out textures while docked.
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User Info: SpacedDuck

1 month ago#4
Played only Handheld for about 3 hours now and no slowdown or lag at all.

Legit perfect so far and can't believe this is actually running on a Switch.

Very happy with my purchase so far.

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User Info: krizladx

1 month ago#5
The game runs very smooth and the aiming is actually much better than I had anticipated.

I am happy with the pick-up and it fits perfectly in my portal game library.

User Info: OhGood

1 month ago#6
Definitely noticable lag. Especially with characters like doomfist and tracer who have the ability to move quickly.

I've noticed that player models frequently don't load in replays.

As a doomfist main on PS4 and PC I've noticed that his uppercut knocks players back and not upwards. it's incredibly frustrating and I don't understand why only the switch version has wonky physics. They also messed up the way you put down sprays, its like you have to do the button input backwards, yet all the other social actions have the same inputs as the PS4 version. Lots of annoying little glitches that don't effect much but are incredibly noticable to people who have been playing overwatch for years.

Still lots of fun, but let's be real. It's still the worst version of overwatch.

And no, it's not my internet. I use the same wifi connection for overwatch on PC and PS4 and don't encounter lag like I do in the switch version.
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User Info: IrReN

1 month ago#7
OhGood posted...

Still lots of fun, but let's be real. It's still the worst version of overwatch.

Exactly. It's a good compromise for people who only have a Switch and want to play the game but it feels really sluggish compared to the other versions and you're better off playing those.

User Info: NejivsSasuke

4 weeks ago#8
It’s serviceable.... docked is fine but handheld is better MUCH better! The weight of the controls feels better imo than ps4 but if tv play is your thing, ps4/Xbox edges this out.

Last night I played d.va handheld and I felt way more engaged than I ever have with ps4. My problem is I like playing docked lol
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User Info: Jikkle

4 weeks ago#9
I played it on dock and I'd say it performs mostly fine for what it is. While 60fps is better than 30fps I was surprised at how little I was bothered by the 30fps but how much that bothers you might depend on what character you play.

It has some minor quirks that hopefully can be ironed out with a patch but I didn't experience any performance issues that really took away from my enjoyment of the game.

To me it felt like a lot of the gripes about the game were from people that mistook missing shots for performance when it was likely due to them not being used to a controller and gyro aiming or people that had their expectations too high in the first place.

User Info: Jikkle

4 weeks ago#10

Digital Foundry did their analysis of the Switch version.

Disagree with the Gyro controls being useless. I'd say the default sensitivity of them is too high but you have plenty of options to tweak them to your liking.

And I know Iron Galaxy did the Diablo 3 port but that was an older game compared to Overwatch and it felt like he was using Diablo 3 as a measuring stick for Overwatch which I don't think is a fair comparison.
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