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User Info: greyfoxx69

4 weeks ago#11
ShadianVise posted...
Sounds like a connection issue. .5 MB/s is pretty slow. I have a crappy connection myself, but it's still 4 times that speed, and I still get lag every few matches on the PS4 version. The Switch version is likely worse, although I haven't tested it extensively yet, because Nintendo servers are notoriously bad.

actually Ive only had lag in one match so far played a good 8 hours worth.
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User Info: OhGood

4 weeks ago#12
Try uninstalling and reinstalling. Sounds like a bug of some sort.

This game has zero fog. You shouldn't be seeing anything like that
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User Info: woody71

2 weeks ago#13
Redownloadìng didnt work

Can someone make a smàll vid of the trainingground so i can see wether its me or the switçh

Ty for the tips so far
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