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User Info: ArroganceMalice

1 month ago#1
I’m using pro controller what sort of gyro settings should I use it’s a bit confusing?
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User Info: ArikardoX

1 month ago#2
I played with the gyro a bit and found it too sensitive. Much like Splatoon 2, just turn it off if you can’t get used to it.

User Info: -Komaiko54-

1 month ago#3
Gyro works for some characters, but not all imo. It works great for me on Zarya, had to turn the sensitivity way down though
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User Info: The_Black_Mind

4 weeks ago#4
I absolutely hated it at first, but it's pretty leet to use with Snipers. My Ana and Widow play improved a lot with it.

User Info: Luryinette

4 weeks ago#5
How do you shut it off?

User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 weeks ago#6
i turned it off

User Info: Jikkle

4 weeks ago#7
I wouldn't completely turn it off aside from a few characters but just turn the sensitivity down from the default to something you're comfortable with.

It does help once you get used to it as it does allow you to fine tune your aim quicker and more accurately than you would with just sticks alone. But if it still bugs you there is nothing wrong with turning it off either.
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