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User Info: blueyc22

11 months ago#1
I absolutely loved GW1. I never fully connected with GW2. As a matter of fact, at some point, I just went back to GW1.

What I loved about 1 was that it just felt like you were in a neighborhood somewhere on Main Street in smallville and there was a battle raging between the plants and the zombies. With 2 the whole portals to the moon and to Ancient Rome or wherever, just didn’t connect with me. I will also admit that the visual chaos and sound effects were amped up too much for me. I.e in 1, you could hear a chomper coming at you, in 2 not so much.

I am wondering if the latest version got back some of its roots or is is more portals and randomness?

User Info: valikkster

10 months ago#2
The pve is great.

The pvp is a massive step backwards. Just about all of the zombies are overtuned currently, and matchmaker creates ABSURDLY imbalanced teams like 99% of the time. It's almost like it's a joke and it does it on purpose.

Overall, this is a downgrade from the previous games.

User Info: Trollface11321

10 months ago#3
my personal opinion it goes
best: pvzgw2
second best:pvzgw
worst: pvzfn
i really like captain ginyu and spiderman. they are the best characters ever


10 months ago#4
Garden Warfare 1 and 2 could potentially be close on my list of how great each game is... But GW1 just factually had a better and cleaner launch for online PVP, whether it was cleaner servers/better netcode/whatever.

GW2 was everything GW1 basically was:

1) Minus Chester Chomper, Chester Scientist, Berry Peashooter, Citrus Cactus...
2) And the clean online that GW1 had.

Another main thing they screwed up with GW2, at least at launch, was the functioning of the Chomper, although he basically got fixed. So the first 2 would be a tie, and I don't think GW3 is as good, although it certainly isn't a bad game by any means.

A big thing that I found weird with 3 was that they didn't have a competitive ranked leaderboard like 2 did, for whatever reason...
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