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  3. How long did it personally take you to drive a manual?

User Info: DoubleOSnake

6 months ago#1
For me i have about and hour or 2 behind the wheel of one and i'm not that good still though
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User Info: BewmHedshot

6 months ago#2
I learned to drive on a manual.
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User Info: Albtraum13

6 months ago#3
First experience was around 13 years old on fire roads in dad's Jeep. Did bad. I'll never forget the smell of clutch driving to start on long gradual slopes.Then a couple more times until 16 when I got my permit, got it down but struggled and would get nervous driving stick on public roads, every one gets right on your tail at stops. So if there was a hill I'd panic.

Then drove a cousins Eclipse at around 18 and it was waaaay easier than the Jeep, but did not enjoy stop signs one bit. Around the same time a friend's fox body with a race clutch. Around that time the "cool" factor of stick faded away when ever he admitted he preferred auto.

Overall it was spread out from a few off road trips over a year or so.

User Info: nickels

6 months ago#4
I learned stick when I was 7 or 8 so I have no idea how long it took me.

But I knew what I was doing the first time I had a manual on public streets.
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User Info: ChokeStan

6 months ago#5
A couple weeks just driving around my neighborhood before I was brave enough to actually drive anywhere. I stalled once on the public street the first time, then it clicked right after.
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User Info: SSMajinVegeta2

6 months ago#6
Using the E Brake trick on hills helped me get further along. I bought my first car new and stalled it off the lot. Taught myself after the Ford salesman gave me some pointers. Thankfully I had seen my dad drive standards most my life
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User Info: booboy

6 months ago#7
It took me about a week to learn how to properly take off from a start, but for some reason I already knew or at least had a good idea on how to work it when moving.

All in all, I'd say about a month before I had it fully mastered.

I learned how in a 95 Civic that didn't even have a tach.
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User Info: mrolympia78

6 months ago#8
about 3 days
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User Info: coolsurfer800

6 months ago#9
I gave up after about 15 minutes of trying and decided all of my cars will be automatic.
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User Info: Tupacrulez

6 months ago#10
Test drove a truck to buy.

Hopped behind the wheel, got a feel for the clutch, test drove the truck, drove it home.

So it took all of a few seconds I guess.
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