Favorite Car Youtubers?

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User Info: Unsugarized_Foo

3 months ago#11
Chrisfix has the best how-to videos by far. I can just watch them for entertainment

I really enjoyed Roadkill for a while too
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User Info: nuclearvomit

3 months ago#12
I enjoy Scotty Kilmer's youtube channel. Dude is awesome, is always shouting and has an great intro to his vids.

Eric the Car Guys is also great.

User Info: Powertoolz

3 months ago#13
Mechanic channels
Eric the car guy.
Has the best technical breakdowns. A little dry but good stuff.

Chris fix.
The editing is top notch. Every minute of his videos is full of details. His 1st person gimmick is really helpful too.

Car review channels
The smoking tire.
Matt Farah picks awesome cars and awesome roads. Simple formula that works great.

The everyday driver.
This team is very consistent and we'll research. They also understand work life and play balance.

User Info: Calinator

3 months ago#14
Thatdudeinblue is probably my current favorite. Just a cool down to earth guy with fun car reviews.

I like Streetspeed 717 but his titles and clickbait are annoying as all hell.

Matt Farah is one of my original favorites.

Rob Spaghetti has some $$$ but it doesn't seem like it has gone to his head and seems like an alright dude.

Cleetus Mcfarland is a maniac but cool dude. I'm very envious of his Leroy C5 project. That is amazing.

I can't stand Porker or Stradman.

User Info: Calinator

3 months ago#15
Oh and I like Motortrend cuz Randy Pobst is a beast. Liebermann and Cammisa were pretty good gut Cammisa is gone.

User Info: xsouljah

3 months ago#16
Eaglerulez posted...
Doug Demuro

Lol how is this guy like the most popular car YouTuber? I think he means well, but his success bugs me lol!

I'm actually fond of his reviews. He happens to go over many of the cars I've been fascinated by before. I'd have a few drinks with him and bulls*** about some of his memorable reviews.
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User Info: BewmHedshot

3 months ago#17
This is every Doug DeMuro video condensed into 33 seconds:

Cavaliers: ONCE

User Info: r4X0r

3 months ago#18
Right. He's nerdy and geeky. He's not trying to play a character.
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User Info: BewmHedshot

3 months ago#19
r4X0r posted...
Right. He's nerdy and geeky. He's not trying to play a character.

So his complete lack of charisma is a positive trait?
Cavaliers: ONCE

User Info: Rage028

3 months ago#20
One of the guys in the Viper Club I'm a member of is starting up a new channel.

Finally, the dream car: '17 Dodge Viper GT - https://www.instagram.com/damien028/
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