C7 Corvette ZR1

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User Info: r4X0r

4 months ago#41
Much simpler? Much simpler he says. The iron block twin cam monster in that thing was far from "much simpler."

The Corvette has kept the weight off incredibly well. The base C4 was a 3200 pound car, the base C5 was a 3200 pound car, the base C6 was a 3200 pound car. Now it turns into a far more refined car with the addition of a hundred pounds... while still being FASTER... and everyone is up in arms.
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User Info: Rage028

4 months ago#42
C6 Grandsport: 1,542 kg (3,400 lb)
C6 Z06 Z07: 1,394 kg (3,073 lb)
C6 Z06: 1,420 kg (3,131 lb)
C6 ZR1: 1,530 kg (3,373 lb)

C7 Base: 1,518 kg (3,347 lb)
C7 Z51: 1,562 kg (3,444 lb)
C7 Z06: 1,598 kg (3,523 lb)
C7 ZR1: 1,615 kg (3,560 lb)

Numbers look bigger in lbs. In kg it doesn't seem that bad.

85kg more from the last ZR1 to the C7 ZR1. Even the Mustang put on weight this cycle. Keeping weight down is hard.
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User Info: Calinator

4 months ago#43
3,560lbs is fine when it has 755hp. It should be a damn beast. Its weight should not be a worry. The issue with driving the C7Z(not including the heat issues) was it being hard to put the power down and being hard to drive. Randy Pobst liked the ACR because it felt so easy for him to drive, it felt like AWD. It should be easier with all this added downforce and 100 extra hp.

Granted the Porsche 918 is a multi-million dollar hybrid race car with 900hp its weight of 36 to 3750lbs didn't get in the way of a 6:57 at the 'Ring.

We will see what this actually pulls. I'm hoping it can best the Viper ACR's Laguna Seca lap time. I love when Randy tests cars on that track.

User Info: r4X0r

4 months ago#44
A 2013 base Corvette coupe is 3208 lbs. A 2018 base Corvette coupe is 3298 lbs. That ninety pounds is what everyone's having conniptions over. Of course the supercharged super high performance models are going to weigh more, there's more stuff bolted to the car.
Professionals are predictable- it's the amateurs who are dangerous.

User Info: Sportsaholic

3 months ago#45
r4X0r posted...
The added weight comes from having a car that doesn't feel like it's made out of balsa wood and recycled NES cartridge sleeves.

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