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  3. Anybody else does NOT use VV shred?
Ilikebulletz 3 days ago#1
I have it on Sucrose and I tried to make it work but I couldn’t the damage increase was rather low or sometimes just straight up nonexistent and tbh I rarely ever use Sucrose to being with I don’t really use VV thing as a result. It basically doesn’t exist as far as my game is concerned.
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I don’t, Jean is the only Anemo I use and that is only for her heal.
Exo_Icarus 3 days ago#3
Resistance shredding should be an inherent part of the swirl reaction without needing a set bonus effect to do it but that's just my two cents.
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Lumie 3 days ago#4
When I use Sucrose for Anemo damage and not swirl damage I don't use VV 4 piece on her so there's that
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ryossalivar 3 days ago#5
What EM do you have on Sucrose? Mine is only 413 and swirled damage is regularly 3x for bursts and 7x or so for NAs.
Not particularly often. I use it with Venti and I would more if I had Kazuha. I rarely use Sucrose/Sayu though, and my Jean is not built yet.
zhenghan 3 days ago#7
Res shredding is useful for F12. Overworld not as much
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depends on the character but if i'm already swirling i don't see why i wouldn't honestly. At least For Sucrose and Venti. Personally I did it on Jean cause I'm usually swirling with her and it only adds more support to her healing and buffing (with freedom Sworn)
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Half-Youkai 3 days ago#9
honestly for overworld and domains is not really necessary, i only use it in abyss
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ryossalivar 3 days ago#10
zhenghan posted...
Res shredding is useful for F12. Overworld not as much

Overworld resistances are very low. There the main perk is swirled damage boost since it can be a lot especially with high EM. I don't have Kazuha yet but would imagine EM build does a ton of swirl damage with 4p vv.
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  3. Anybody else does NOT use VV shred?

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