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(message deleted)
mbolllge 1 month ago#142
VIIrtus posted...
Hurt Mona x2.

Fischl 14
Mona 4

Tamakos 1 month ago#143
+1 Fischl, -1 Mona.

Fischl 15
Mona 3
RsilensR 1 month ago#144
Hurt Mona x2

Fischl 15
Mona 1

Bet you wish you had Kokomi healing now, huh?
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Core1019 1 month ago#145
Fischl 15
Mona 0

Moaner-2. Someone do it. Nvm,looks like I did it
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You're welcome.
edicius6 1 month ago#146

Well, that was quick. :D Thanks everyone!
KleeLovesGanyu 1 month ago#147
Oh great! I was hoping Fischl would win but I'm only rarely attentive. Everyone knows she's #1.
BeckyBoo 1 month ago#148
Heal Xingqiu
springer73n01 1 month ago#149
BeckyBoo posted...
Kill Xingqiu

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