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  3. How many accounts do you have?

User Info: PikachuMaxwell

1 week ago#1
I have three now. I originally had two, one for my PS4 version and one for PC version. I had to create a third today after I messed up linking my PSN to one of my emails (I made the account before linking to my PSN.) But hey, the more the merrier.
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User Info: Squidkids

1 week ago#2
2.. well idk.. 2 i keep track off, i rerolled for klee
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User Info: KleeLovesGanyu

1 week ago#3
2 but one is at AR25.

User Info: MrHat07

1 week ago#4
1 is more than enough for me, thank you.

User Info: IndigoIce

1 week ago#5
I have 2. My sub acc is at AR35 but it's exp is AR45-ish.

User Info: fan360

1 week ago#6

My fourth account is the charm.
Got Diluc (the only account has him), Klee, Kazuha and Jean in less than 100 wishes.

My 3rd account is really bad.
Got Eula and Yanfei with 5-star weapon. Can clear Abyss Floor 11 easily.
I can get another guaranteed 5-star. Play a little bit him/her. Then stop using it.

User Info: Mecurisu

1 week ago#7
original- made poor choices and didn't use the map to collect anemo/geo collectibles (before gagets to track them down)
My primary account

and an abandoned F2p - forgot how much stuff there needs to be done and with full time job don't have the time to play it

User Info: Alireza888

1 week ago#8
1, there are better places for me to spend my time than on alternate genshin accounts.
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User Info: FedEx_Corp

1 week ago#9
Just doing the current Inazuma contents make me want to go to sleep. Doing it twice would lead me into a coma.

User Info: GilsoK

1 week ago#10
AR 50+ (Started shortly before 1.4 update)
AR 49 (Started shortly after 1.5 update)
Both f2p
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  3. How many accounts do you have?
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