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User Info: netj999

1 month ago#1
I am running a 4 piece crimson witch and 1 lavawalker(pyro bonus)

My crit rate is 59.2% and crit damage is 130.9%. Is that good enough or should I be farming more for better substats?

I am wearing a crit dmg helm, atk%,pyro bonus for the non static artifacts. Also if it matter I use Wolfs Gravestone refinement lvl 1 as his weapon

User Info: DarkAscent

1 month ago#2
I mean, that is pretty good, that's right around my stats, I have a bit more crit DMG. Can you do better? Yeah. A LOT better, there are people out there rolling around with like 75/200, but the amount of time to farm up a set like that you have to ask if that kind of resin is worth it at the expense of building all other characters.
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User Info: netj999

1 month ago#3
Well ya that's my issue I just spend 13 pieces of fragile resin and that was the best I could get meanwhile my zhongli is getting artifacts with atk,atk%,crit dmg and crit rate like where the hell is that for my diluc though the downside is the main stats is def% fml. My team can wipe most anything but I probably will get artifacts for my other guys an then see about getting some better substats.

Wish I had more resin :(

User Info: stage7_4

1 month ago#4
I think crit rate above 50% is good on characters that hit multiple times. It's the ones that are relying on a one-shot (like Mona's burst for example) that need more.
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User Info: Ganiam

1 month ago#5
It's fine

It's not ideal, but you can definitely make it work

It's not like the game's particularly difficult right now, and if you have other characters to gear up, feel free to move on. If you're already set for the rest of your team, maybe keep going for a bit.
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