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User Info: CJwat11

1 month ago#21
Qiqi and Xiangling at 10

Keqing at 9 (hoping to hit 10 soon)

Everyone else is 4+ except for Bennett who has nothing and is at lvl 1.
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User Info: Squall_1134

1 month ago#22
16 characters at lvl 9. Some are almost 10 and a few are halfway to 10. Specially going for the achievement namecard. Didn't cap any just in case I wanted to use them for a domain/boss and so I wasn't locked into one team for the last four characters.

I'm also at 570/800 blossoms. I'm spending most of my resin on that atm but I'll probably end up hitting friendship 10 with all 16 before I get this part done.

User Info: Arrawnt

1 month ago#23
10: Ganyu, Giqi, Fischle, Childe, Noelle, Xiangling, Diluc, Barbara
5: Keqing, Mona

Rest at 1. Been pretty diligent about rotating through them and not wasting any, but not planning on starting any new ones at this point besides Hu Tao.

User Info: TrueArchery

1 month ago#24
10: Ningguang, Mona, Bennett, Noelle
8: Diona
6: Ganyu
5: Xingqiu, Beidou, Sucrose, Fischl, Xiangling
2: Kaeya, Barbara, Amber
1: Qiqi, Keqing, Lisa

User Info: Squidkids

1 month ago#25
XenoSUzukie posted...
Do you have several friendship 10 characters? If so, did you stop using them? Thought I'd be interesting to see what friendships levels everyone here has throughout their roster.

My friendship report. AR55
Just got my 1st lv10 yesterday, no surprise it was Qiqi, Klee and Keqing aren't far behind. Don't think I could ever stop using any of these 3 tho.

I stop using characters on dailies once they hit lv6 except Qiqi so lots of different friendship levels.

1 lv10 - Qiqi
2 lv9 - Klee, Keqing
2 lv8 - Diona, Barbara
1 lv7 - Ganyu
5 lv6 - all story unlocks
4 lv5
7 lv4 - most voice lines unlock
1 lv3 Xiao

Woking on getting everyone to lv6.
to me only 1 at ar 55 seems really late i guess you changed a lot
my first 10 is here:
second 10 was here:
(so i got klee and diona a day apart)
then I got barbra a short time after

AR 51:
Klee -10
Diona - 10
Barbra - 10
ningguang - 6
razor - 6
sucrose - 4
QiQi - 3 (only had her for 9 days)
lisa 3
Xinqiu - 2
Bennett - 2
Xiangling - 2
Xinyan -1
Noelle - 1
Chonyun -1
Kaeya - 1
Amber - 1
me - lv 40

im prob gonna use klee and QiQi with 2 randoms for friendship farming.
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User Info: seite

1 month ago#26
Keqing (first 10 😁), Fischl, Amber, Sucrose are at 10
Ganyu, Barbara are at 9
Diona is at high 8
Ningguang, Xiangling are at 7
Klee, Noelle are at 6
Beidou is at 2
6 characters are at 1

I swap them out when they get to 10. I should have enough main DPS to get most to 10.

User Info: FlyingOx

1 month ago#27
Zhongli at 10
Xingqiu and Fishcl at 9

Amber and Xiangling are at 8 despite me rarely using them for combat, think they got that high just due to exploring, esp in Dragonspine

User Info: wethevirus

1 month ago#28
5 of them are max friendship, 3 of them are level 9 and the rest are between 1-5.
"There's probably a middle ground somewhere, buried beneath all these extremes"

User Info: tfc87ja

1 month ago#29
10 - Venti, Xiangling, Jean, Beidou
9 - Ganyu
8 - Keqing
7 - Zhongli
6 - Xiao, Bennett, Fischl, Diluc
5 - Razor
4 - Barbara
3 - 0
2 - 0
1 - The rest of the characters i have
Don't have - Mona, Childe, Klee, Albedo

Gonna keep swapping them in to my party til they all are at least at 6 since that's when the last voice lines are unlocked
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User Info: icesz

1 month ago#30
10 - Qiqi, Fischl, Diluc, Klee
9 - Mona (almost 10)
8 - Ganyu (almost 9)
7 - Bennett
6 - 0
5 - Barbara
4 - Ningguang, Xiangling
3 - 0
2 - 0
1 - Keqing and all other 4*
PSN : Icesz
Nintendo : SW-4057-5313-3625
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