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User Info: XenoSUzukie

1 month ago#1
Do you have several friendship 10 characters? If so, did you stop using them? Thought I'd be interesting to see what friendships levels everyone here has throughout their roster.

My friendship report. AR55
Just got my 1st lv10 yesterday, no surprise it was Qiqi, Klee and Keqing aren't far behind. Don't think I could ever stop using any of these 3 tho.

I stop using characters on dailies once they hit lv6 except Qiqi so lots of different friendship levels.

1 lv10 - Qiqi
2 lv9 - Klee, Keqing
2 lv8 - Diona, Barbara
1 lv7 - Ganyu
5 lv6 - all story unlocks
4 lv5
7 lv4 - most voice lines unlock
1 lv3 Xiao

Woking on getting everyone to lv6.

User Info: Jamesworkshop

1 month ago#2
4 at 10
next 4 are in the early stages of 9

i'm just rotating them around when I turn in commissions or leylines

User Info: NoTrollGaming

1 month ago#3
just got Ningguang and zhongli to 10 yesterday

got a couple in the 7-10s


rest are probably below 3
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User Info: Heisenbird

1 month ago#4
I have 6 at 10. 2 are nearing it, while Ganyu and Xiao are halfway there.

User Info: Busard

1 month ago#5
I have every single of my characters at friendship 6 or more.
And not a single one is at friendship 10.

User Info: LustAndLace

1 month ago#6
Mona and Fishcl are 10 because I've had both of them since the first week or two.

Ganyu is at 9 cause she hasn't really left my party since getting her.

Diluc, Ning and Xiangling are all at various spots at level 8. I've been rotating them in and out since replacing Mona/Fischl. The 4*'s came early on and Ning was my original dps until I pulled Mona.

Next highest would probably be Sucrose and Qiqi they're just about to lvl 3. Everyone else I have is 2 or below.

I personally take the maxed friendship people out at least for now until I get two more maxed for the achievement then it will be back to Ganyu+Mona and whoever else I feel like. The last slot however is reserved for Ayaka, Signora or a 5* female dendro catalyst user. I think they'll be fun.
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User Info: Aceviper

1 month ago#7
i got 5 friendship 10s

yes I stop using them since I purposely get the characters I don't use to get the friendship points whenever I can.

Like talk quests, I switch to my loadout of characters I don't use to finish it. Picking up 4 daily commission rewards and leylines, I switch to the loadout of characters I don't use to do it. Lets me prevent my main dps from maxing out so I dont waste friendship in domains

User Info: eyeslurking

1 month ago#8
Bennett, Fischl and Razor are all 10 and I've stopped using them so much. They were my main squad for the first few months (along with Lumine).
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User Info: Infinitum86

1 month ago#9
Qiqi is my first and only Lvl 10 so far.

Keqing, Bennett and Xiangling are around lvl 8-9. They will be one of the next to reach lvl 10.

User Info: SomaMaxwell

1 month ago#10
Keqing 10
Klee 10
Mona 5
Ganyu 6
Childe 1
Ning 5
Sucrose 6
Chong 10
Razor 2
Diona 1
Barbara 10
Noelle 2
Xiangling 4
Amber 1
Fiscal 1
Bennett 1
Jean 1
Kaeya 2
Xingqui 1
Albedo 1
Zhongli 1
Xiao 1
Lisa 1
Xinyan 1

I really need to start devoting myself to other characters. Having so many is hard. Some of don't think i will ever use like Jean or Lisa but i really want to know more about some of them.
Its hard being a mom!
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