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User Info: SilverBassCross

1 month ago#41
I wouldn’t play until new region release if I didn’t miss out on primos. And grind artifacts with daily resin.

User Info: imb

1 month ago#42
all of the above
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User Info: Jamesworkshop

1 month ago#43
doing my dallies and artifact runs, still got a ton of characters to build and weapons to hit 90.

Keqing banner got me 4 new characters so that's a lot of ascension mats and exp/mora just to level them and then still have talents to sort after that.

User Info: Redmacabre

1 month ago#44
A mix between not having much else to play and wanting to know where the story is going.

User Info: Thiel1989

1 month ago#45
I made a bet with my friend sometime when the game released that I'll reach AR 60 no matter what. I might not be able to uphold that bet cause after hitting AR 55 I noticed the amount of exp required went from 36k to 230k. I like character progression, I like the feeling of getting stronger. I don't mind the grind as long as it's giving me progression in some form but artifact grinding needs a serious overhaul. Why can't a domain drop one specific artifact set? It's hard enough getting an artifact with the correct main stat and good substat let alone the correct set.
If there's one thing that'll kill my patience with this game its the artifact farming. They should do what they did with ascension material domains on Sunday; let you pick which artifact to farm.
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User Info: Frenchie

1 month ago#46
I am having fun playing.
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User Info: TykiMikk

1 month ago#47
I find it fun but I also have not run out of quests yet.

User Info: fibbi

1 month ago#48
Because of Honkai Impact

I have never played Honkai, but I have seen the vids and some playthroughs. Honkai took a while to get going and once it does the story went full on.

Hopefully GI follows the same pattern. We have seen a lot of bits and pieces (the false sky, lots of dark beneath the cheery exterior, the dark and bloody history of teyvat) that are very hopeful for a roller coaster ride in the future.

If GI just floats around though with little story development I will drop it likely.

User Info: Termin8r

1 month ago#49
Continue saving for Ayaka.

User Info: Leugi

1 month ago#50
Making genshin a main game Will make everyone kinda want to complain to certain point because lack of content.
But i appreciated the game. And how the developer deliver the game itself.
I am Just waiting for update and also play other games
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