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  3. Why do you still play?

User Info: Clouddffvii

1 month ago#1
Why do you still play? - Results (309 votes)
Character I look forward is going to come out
22.33% (69 votes)
So I can make my characters better via artifacts
30.1% (93 votes)
New region hype
19.42% (60 votes)
Something else
28.16% (87 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Topic. Why did you stick with Genshin?

User Info: meralonne

1 month ago#2
I’m still amused. When I get tired of this, I have AC Valhalla waiting for me.
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User Info: NoTrollGaming

1 month ago#3
There really isn’t much else available on the ps5 and a mix of all the above

waiting for Horizon forbidden west and the Witcher 3 ps5 patch
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User Info: wethevirus

1 month ago#4
The whole package really, story, exploration, characters, etc.

I just enjoy the a game despite how frustrating its downfalls can be, it’s still a game in its infancy and there are a lot of ideas being thrown around and tested to see what people like so it feels like it doesn’t really know what it’s trying to be as a game, yet.

The keyword is yet and I think he devs have touched on a really interesting concept several times, the future housing systems should be interesting if implemented properly, the minigames are getting better (hopefully they start keeping or using elements such as the glide dash and tower defense game)

Mostly Ijust kind of want to see where it goes, if you look at the history from Honkai and the bullet hell games, all the way to this there is a lot of in house innovation and I think MiHoYo tries a lot of things that people don’t give them credit for, if nothing else by the end of its lifespan we’ll be able to say it was an interesting ride, lmfao
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User Info: Axccel

1 month ago#5
Kinda hit a sluggish cap. All I do is log in for the daily gems and conserve until theres a new character that interests me
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User Info: eyeslurking

1 month ago#6
I'm struggling with major health issues, and just don't have it in me to get involved with new games right now. This game is like comfort food and really helping me work through some tough times.

User Info: Sigs_Minock

1 month ago#7
games usually don't keep my attention long, and really don't have a lot of time to play. Log in genshin, do daily commisions, fight a couple world bosses and call it a day.
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User Info: chaos5055

1 month ago#8
Honestly just want Hu Tao, but then I'm like yeah...then what? All I have to do is prep mats for her. I at least haven't beaten Abyss completely so there is one thing to work towards. (beat 12-1 with no stars)

User Info: N7_Ninja

1 month ago#9
I like the exploration, artwork, team building, and a lot of stuff in this game. I just wish it wasn't so long to get a character up to speed.

User Info: Butt

1 month ago#10
hu tao then i guess the next world update is what matters to me atm
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