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  3. I know a lot of people on this board like Mona's ass and all, but...

User Info: Binkster

1 month ago#11
Have her C1 because of the standard banner and she’s my least wanted original 5 star....
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User Info: MajinUltima

1 month ago#12
meralonne posted...
I really wish she’d quit spooking me on the Character rate up banner.
I feel your pain. My Klee was a Mona constellation instead. :(
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User Info: Zaigou

1 month ago#13
Gee that must be so terrible *eye roll*.

Joking, joking. I know that not getting the rate-up target you were looking for is annoying at best, salt-inducing at worst. I got Diluc trying to hunt for Ganyu and even if I acknowledge that he's a great pull, he's still not who I was gunning for.
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User Info: Termin8r

1 month ago#14
Could have been way worse, at least it wasn't a dupe Qiqi.

User Info: Songoku15

1 month ago#15
Lol Mona is one of the strongest char in the Game and she makes so much damage.
I have her at C3 and wanted her at C4 for her ulti.
She alone makes with her ulti around 60 k and with C4 she would make over 100 k.

User Info: Ramencafe

1 month ago#16
Saved up for 2 months + just Welkin moons. Hoping to get a new 5 star before Ganyu.
C1 Mona showed up, then Ganyu 20 pulls later. Could've been worse but still...

Tough to wait another month to pull and hoping a dupe 5 star won't happen next time :( Just want Qiqi or Diluc...
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User Info: cjkira99

1 month ago#17
I originally pulled Mona on the standard Banner when the 1.2 update came out and we had all those Aquaint Fate provided to us for those character ascensions. I then pulled her again after pulling Ganyu two times in a row. Pairing C1 Ganyu and C1 Mona as a freeze comp is pretty fun.

And pulling an off banner 5 star character isn't all bad. I pulled Diluc on the Zhongli banner when I was trying to avoid pulling Zhongli.
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User Info: THammerstriker

1 month ago#18
Termin8r posted...
Could have been way worse, at least it wasn't a dupe Qiqi.

I too got a dupe Qiqi.... so sad

User Info: XenoSUzukie

1 month ago#19
I got a Qiqi dupe too for the acention fates on standard. I mean I love Qiqi and she's always in my party but why is her C1 so useless? Oh well. Could have been a Mona or Jean if only to dream.

User Info: meralonne

1 month ago#20
It’s not who I wanted, but that’s okay. I’ll make the best of it. :)

So... any thoughts on good builds? I’m gonna have to get around to unlocking the proper domain on this account and finally killing Oceanid lol, but any advice is appreciated!
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  3. I know a lot of people on this board like Mona's ass and all, but...
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