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  3. People who adhere to tierlists and min/max are so weird

User Info: YoJoe

2 months ago#1
Like this isnt even a competitive game? Whats the point? What does it matter who is "viable "

User Info: Goldman2123

2 months ago#2
Y do you care what matters to others

User Info: YoJoe

2 months ago#3
Because it makes other players think they have to distill the game into a balancing equation of correctly aligning viable characters with optimal weapons for maximum dps

It ruins the game and the discourse around it. Its dumb and unfun.

User Info: DullahanEX

2 months ago#4
I don't mind it normally, but some people here are waay too married to arbitrary classifications that don't have much value in reality. Its especially strange in the game like this when any character become powerful, its just a matter of whether you care enough to do so. Yeah there characters better others, true, but that's just it. Its not samething as a character being bad on their own which really isn't the case here.

Nevermind the most important element to success is in GI is team synegry anyway.
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User Info: Irony

2 months ago#5
What's up with this joke alt
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User Info: EAims

2 months ago#6
You're weird!
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User Info: Fairycancel

2 months ago#7
I stick to what I feel is best/like no matter what other people say lol
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User Info: Id the Demon

Id the Demon
2 months ago#8
Goldman2123 posted...
Y do you care what matters to others

Fpbp also stop trolling the board TC
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User Info: fuzzball01

2 months ago#9
People that choose teams based on whether or not characters are male or female are weirder

User Info: IMRavnos

2 months ago#10
Wow YoJoe, I actually agree with you.

I’m not mad at those that just suckle at the teats of the Tier list clickbaiters, but, It is annoying that if 3 tier lists say character X is a C tier, then 90% of players assume this is based on something more than tier list creators being utter ass*** clickbait morons.

The biggest example of how dumb it is to click on a tier list video / page / vlog / link would be Xinqui followed by Bennett.

oh boy did all those idiots get it horribly wrong.

Hell, I saw tier lists with Klee as mid tier lmao. Wow.

sadly, many gamers just see tier list, assume it is based on fact and math, then spread the word that character X is useless and you should just get character a,b,c.

You're entitled to your own opinions, not your own facts. Also, before stating an opinion as fact, make sure the person whose opinion you Are using is correct.
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  3. People who adhere to tierlists and min/max are so weird
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