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User Info: Zero_Blazer

2 months ago#1
I know from just text, the question comes out as condescending, so let me clarify. This is also gonna end up being kinda a rant of why I'm not really interested in the game anymore, but honestly if you don't care about reading that, you can skip to the end.

I've been playing since launch, and while the beginning was fairly fun, after you catch up to the story and start farming things, the amount of stuff you need to farm starts dawning upon you. The amount of time you need to farm mora, EXP, and talent books is already daunting, but then you have artifacts which are arguably the biggest factor on how big your numbers are in battle and is one of the most random factors due to having a random main stat on every drop.

This is the biggest reason I feel most people say to concentrate on only 1-2 DPS and ignore everyone else, but then why even bother rolling new characters for gacha? I feel like part of the fun of gacha games is rolling new characters to get new coverages and better combo dynamics with characters you already have, but if you are discouraged from deviating from your main DPS units, then that's not really a thing. And even if you tried you are back to spending a lot of time farming to stuff to get them caught up.

This would be somewhat fine if the gameplay was also deeper or shallower, but it's in a weird middle place. The combat is very basic with everyone having only 1 main uncustomizable combo, and from what I've gather, the main gameplay to be having everyone spam bursts and then having the DPS keep whacking the enemy with the same 1 combo with occasional skills sprinkled in. Then repeating this over who knows how many times for bosses and and domains to the point where it seems like a job. The feeling of hitting enemies is also very blah and unsatisfying, but that's a different issue.

If the gameplay was shallower, that would also be ok in a way, because despite people crapping on "lol jpeg move wow gameplay" it's a lot easier to multitask daily things and do it while at work for example or watching youtube, and being able to stop midway and picking up a fight later on is nice. I will admit though, that I am not informed enough of the mobile version, so maybe farming and using up your resin so you can get on with your day is a lot more natural if you are a mobile player.

TL;DR the daunting thought of having to kill the same boring repetitive bosses and do the same boring domains, possibly over 1000 times in a year (maybe an exaggeration? I don't know) to help power up characters in a mediocre-feeling battle system has really started to tire me down, especially as a PS4 player who cannot play on the go with mobile.

In the end my question is, how are people still enjoying this game, as in what is your mindset to enjoying the game? What keeps you coming back and not feeling like it's a job? I am very curious, especially after a month or two after release, if people are still invested enough to keep playing for the long run.

User Info: edicius6

2 months ago#2
I enjoy the gameplay and I don't mind "the grind."

User Info: YoJoe

2 months ago#3
Its fun

User Info: HylianShield

2 months ago#4
This must be your first "Gatcha Game"...

User Info: Fairycancel

2 months ago#5
edicius6 posted...
I enjoy the gameplay and I don't mind "the grind."
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User Info: ShadowSun89

2 months ago#6
edicius6 posted...
I enjoy the gameplay and I don't mind "the grind."
Pretty much this and I try to improve my team further and further until new content comes out. If we would be already at endgame territory, I would probably stop playing now, but there are many more events and regions to come. And playing 30-60 minutes a day seems more like a daily chores instead of really playing at this point.
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User Info: Saiyajin12

2 months ago#7
The focus on 1-2 main dps is for people who fear getting stuck on higher WL, once you get past that, there will be plenty of time and resources to level and gear other characters.

I'm having alot of fun building more characters to tackle abyss and domains with now after having a solid main crew already.

Combat complexity comes from understanding how elemental procs work, and what elements work against what. It's not super complex mind you, but it's more fun once you understand it better.

About the grindiness of the game, I personally enjoy grindy games. Many people, infact most of my friends, do not. Kinda hard to have games that cater to every crowd. This game seems very grindy by nature, even more so with all the gacha time gates in place, so if you don't enjoy that TC, you can always check back again after a couple of months and just play the story :) It really sounds like you don't like the grindy elements, since you keep referring to it being joblike, and that is completely understandable.

The game is very well crafted, and gorgeous to behold. There's alot of small nifty details you can find if you pay attention to it (for example, every single character has different combat animations fitting into their lore/story regardless of them using the same weapon class).
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User Info: AtmaRagnarok9

2 months ago#8
People like beating up baddies with good lookin toons in gorgeous landscapes. The promise of future content is sky-high. Grinds don’t turn everyone off. Combat is not nearly as simplistic as the OP suggests, though the challenges are approachably easy.
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User Info: Drewmack79

2 months ago#9
edicius6 posted...
I enjoy the gameplay and I don't mind "the grind."

This for sure, but also was aware of what I was getting into. These games all follow a similar formula. I just enjoy the character building, and look forward to finally hitting that perfect build you want for a character.

You're right in how daunting the task is, but I guess for me this game has a much more enjoyable gameplay experience than any other gacha I've attempted, and for now it hasn't gotten stale.
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User Info: DarkAscent

2 months ago#10
I enjoy it for what it is. I'm mostly f2p, I bought the Battle Pass one round for mats.

I log in, do my dailies, burn my resin. Pull when I have enough gems and the banner is right, and that is it. I've also managed to get to Floor 11 in Abyss on the side.

I don't need this game to be something I play for 4 or 5 hrs a day. 30 - 45 mins is enough. Also it doesn't bug me that there are whales out there paying to win. I don't feel the need to "keep up" with them.
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