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User Info: Eneyo

4 days ago#1
Is Genshin Impact the stingiest gacha game you ever played? - Results (262 votes)
Yes, it's easily the stingiest
40.84% (107 votes)
Yes, but a couple of games do come close
20.99% (55 votes)
No, Genshin Impact isn't stingy
20.99% (55 votes)
No, Genshin Impact is generous!
6.87% (18 votes)
This is the only gacha game I've ever played and I feel it is ___
10.31% (27 votes)
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I've played quite a couple of gacha games. Most notably, FGO, FEH, and this one. FGO is pretty comparable to Genshin in terms of piss poor rates and scarce currency, but at least they have a login bonus and do give really good rewards in events. FEH has rampant powercreep, but their login bonuses are even more generous, and they have lots of events to obtain their currency.

As for Genshin, despite making 100 mil in sales, 200 primogems as a total weekly login reward is laughable to say the least with their 0.6 5* rate. Of course they may change in the future, but as of now they are definitely the stingiest for me.

User Info: cHickzc

4 days ago#2
Yes, but I've played only one other gacha game, which is FE Heroes. Still, 3% rate is way better than 0.6%.

User Info: Yuji Kaido

Yuji Kaido
4 days ago#3
FGO is worst for me. The lack of a pity system (when I played) soured the experience.

FE:Heroes I was able to get any waif ....err... character I wanted as long as I saved my summon mats.
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User Info: TrueDozenMarks

4 days ago#4
I think it's too early to really tell.

On one hand, the "daily" stuff and the cost for pulls (coupled with the rates) means you aren't getting a lot out of it. On the other hand, they frontload you with so damn many Primogems for doing summons that it's not really an issue unless you absolutely have to pull your ass off and get "all the things" which is unnecessary.

Give it a few months to see how they handle Event rewards of substance, celebration rewards, how much we'll earn with the new region, etc. At the moment I feel like they're sort of in-between too little and being very generous. The only thing I could really legitimately ask for right now is a daily free pull on each banner.

User Info: sarevokmb

4 days ago#5
The game is great, but the gacha system has horribly bad rates, and they are extremely stingy with free pulls. Overall, I'd say it is easily the worst game I've ever played in terms of generosity, but gacha games tend to be a bit rough at launch, when they know the player excitement is there and people are going to throw out money. I'm guessing they'll start being a bit more generous, at least with free pulls and guaranteed banners over the course of a few months. I just did rerolls until I got Venti and Mona, and that seems like enough for me for now. If it gets more generous, I'd be happy to put some money in, though.

User Info: SaberCherry

4 days ago#6
FFBE and FGO are worse. Bad poll by the way. Correct answer is GI is stingy but there are worse. GI's 4* rates are notably great. I've pulled 7 4*s playing 5 days, free. Has anyone ever done that in FGO? Nope.

Anyway, anything with a pity system is strictly better than anything without. Not having a pity system is asinine and just makes your whales rage-quit, never something you want. Pity systems just guarantee more income and basically make everyone happier.
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User Info: kaioideiye

4 days ago#7
Nah theres worse. At least I can play this game...It is pretty damn stingy though.
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User Info: VETO9999

4 days ago#8
Yuji Kaido posted...
FGO is worst for me. The lack of a pity system (when I played) soured the experience.

I was gonna mention FGO too. At least in Genshin you're guaranteed something even if you roll singles 10 times. You can roll 120 quartz and get nothing but trash in FGO. Also having to get a SSR 15 times to pick your own is BS. Most of the free servants aren't even good except for a select few while in Genshin Barbara and Xangling are lifesavers to me. FGO really need to work on a proper pity system.

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User Info: clostans

4 days ago#9
I'm gonna say people ignore context all the time. It's not the same to throw a new character in FEH than it is to do it here, comparing rates as if they were the same doesn't seem fair.

Plus, eveyrone keeps saying "0,6%" but "nobody" is pulling like that. Genshin impact favors lots of pulling on fewer banners, where it starts getting better % than those because of pity pulls. People also ignore every pull gives you 1/5 of a pull now, 1/10 of a pull later with those starglitter things or whatever, and nobody adds those to the base 0,6%.

Honestly I think on the long run we won't get as many new characters as with those games, so it's "normal" it will take longer to max the few we get. It's quality vs quantity. If you had rates of 3% for 5* right now, we would all have everyone we want in a couple of months even without paying.

User Info: Armor_Key

4 days ago#10
The only other gacha I play is FEH, and in that game, it you save orbs(game's own currency) for a half a year, you have a decent chance to max out a character.

In this game, however, it would probably take over a year or two to max out one five star exclusive character, unless you're a hardcore whale.
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