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muur posted...
Yeah there's a bunch of XW Digimon in the cards of next order. Habu didn't do that game so it's very clear he doesn't like XW Digimon when they can't even get in a medals. Especially when stuff like morishellmon get in lol

Habu already said at the time that the digimons of Xros wars were not a priority, because to include them as he wants to include them they will have to make a whole new evolution system for the xros evolution.
We can see some like Shoutmon that by itself can evolve to ultimate but the rest is more complicated beyond things like darknightmon, which despite being Xros evolution works like a jogres, it is complicated to see them soon in upcoming Digimon Story.
Not to mention that many of the evolutions we see of Xros evolution are not very clear about their level of power. For example Dorulumon is clear that it is Champion but JagerDorulumon could be perfect or ultimate.