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I mean mastemon is clearly themed after his fallen mode being basically a knockoff of his whole only being to control light and darkness at the same time, they could date I guess but it would basically be a three way then with the whole dna digimon and all,

Yeah the veemon’s are all really great designs but I've always never been to fond of fighter mode, the dragon mode was always was more imposing, and stingmon was always really cool especially his introduction episode in season 2, and yeah dinobeemon looks more unhinged like it could just start twitching and snap any second,

I’ve always loved the patamon line and really liked that cyber sleuth tied lucemon into it

And on another note beelzemon/impmon was really awesome especially with how flawed he is in season 3, the bike, guns, dub voice
Perfection along with mona marshals lucemon dub voice in season 4
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User Info: inulvr61998

4 weeks ago#22
I’ve honestly always liked the designs of bird-like Digimon. Garudamon is my all-time favorite. Love her color scheme. And the episode where Sora’s Biyomon digivolves into Garudamon for the first time was the first episode of the anime I saw on TV. Also really love the design of Ravemon from Season 5 (he’s just cool looking, to be honest). Zephymon from season 4 is also my favorite of the Beast Spirits from that season. And Hououmon is my favorite Mega (honestly, if only because of Garudamon being my all time favorite)
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User Info: Lioconvoy

4 weeks ago#23
This conversation really seems like it belongs on the social board.


It's hard for me to have a favorite myself. I mean there are those that look cool and those that are fun to use, and just over all so many. Vee-mon used to be my favorite. Him and Kokuwargamon, but these days I just can't narrow it down to even two.
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Mine is Togemon I think every monster game should have a cactuar
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User Info: Xeilua

3 weeks ago#25
Betamon has always been my favorite!

User Info: Marcel4816

2 weeks ago#26
Gotsumon because he was so adorable in the first season.

Machinedramon is probably my favorite mega thanks to this game. He was my first "battle-ready" mega that I made (Platinumnumemon was my first mega, but I only got him for the xp boost). I nick-named him "Cogsworth", gave him the gold goggles, and now he's a super-adorable murder-machine.
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User Info: Duey

2 weeks ago#27
The Hackmon line is filled with nothing but the goodess bois.

Also MachGaogamon(Mirage is a DAMN shame)

Augunimon's line is cool.

User Info: Frosslass

2 weeks ago#28
Ophanimon I feel as if my partner is a big sister coaching me XD
Her X form is a female gundam with roller blades... awesomesauce
Her wings just have a soothing, calming appearance... yes her fan service armour is roflaughable.

I like healers, I play clerics in mmos and Ophanimon in the games is a bulky healer those are so rare its almost unheard of, my argument for utility.

Her entries are always so lovely like her sending angemon to guard children, plus her role in the anime...

in every game I always aim for her as my first mega, I actually made a proposed ultra digivolution of her "Asherimon" like she fused with the research data of various myths and cultures and took the form of THE mother godess o3o DNA evo of Queenchessmon and ophani or diana and ophani ;d. Part of a rival faction contrasting the olympos XII based upon mesopotmian mythos.

Cherubimon both good and evil are next a large demon/angel fluffeh bunneh ^_^ x forms make them all better
Nefertimon, ancientsphinxmon and pegasusmon all hold a special place

I realy want toyagumon to have his own toyline imagine every mainline evo built from legos. wargreymon becomes green blocks and self destructs (references minecraft 8D), monzaemon needs one.
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User Info: Lioconvoy

2 weeks ago#29
Is Kokuwamon not in Cybersluth? He's one of my favorite rookies.
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User Info: thenagan

2 weeks ago#30
Lioconvoy posted...
Is Kokuwamon not in Cybersluth? He's one of my favorite rookies.

I don't think he is, or at least I don't remember him
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