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  3. Character types (power, speed, technique, sky)

User Info: Veku

1 week ago#1
I'm just curious.
Confirmed or characters of the old games only

My thoughts based on the fact that:
Carrot= speed type
Luffy/Zoro= power type
Aokiji= technique type
Ichiji= sky type

Sanji: sky type
Jinbei= power type
Robin= technique type
Franky= power type
Brook= speed type
Chopper= power or technique type
Nami= technique or speed type
Usopp= technique type

Whole Cake:
Big Mom: power type
Reijiu= technique or sky type
Niji= speed type
Yonji= power type

Fujitora= technique type
Doflamingo= sky or technique type
Sabo= power type

Punk Hazard:
Caesar= technique type

Whitebeard= power type
Marco= sky type
Ace= power type
Akainu= power or technique type
Kizaru= speed, sky or technique type
Garp= power type
Blackbeard= power type
Mihawk= power type
Shanks= technique or power type
Hancock= power or technique type

Impel Down:
Magellan= technique type
Ivankov= technique type

Law= technique or speed type

Thriller Bark:
Moria= technique or power type
Kuma= technique type

Enies Lobby:
Lucci= power or sky type

Anyone else:
Crocodile= technique type
Smoker= power, speed or even sky type
Tashigi= speed type
Buggy= technique type
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Sazz

1 week ago#2
I think some characters, that we haven't seen yet, will have 2 types.

Normal Luffy is Power type, but Boundman Luffy is Sky type. So he's got 2.
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(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: KidKojack

1 week ago#3
You forgot Sanji

User Info: Veku

1 week ago#4
KidKojack posted...
You forgot Sanji

Fixed it. Sky type if a safe guess for me.

User Info: hanfoi

6 days ago#5
i wonder why there is no Defense type? Could those be giant characters who will be defense type
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  2. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4
  3. Character types (power, speed, technique, sky)
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