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User Info: kazesan

1 month ago#22
Stream starts in 5 minutes I will try and edit in live translations as best I can.

s*** someone is already doing live dub of the stream guess I can just watch.
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User Info: BhevHD

1 month ago#23
The story is confirmed to start from Alabasta
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User Info: Furryyiffer

1 month ago#24
BhevHD posted...
The story starts is confirmed to start from Alabasta

Given that I think a lot of the east blue villains might not appear then.
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User Info: kazesan

1 month ago#25
Wow what a bad stream. They just showed Sabo with no other new info. Maybe the release date isn't as soon as I thought with how much they are holding back. Looks like they are just gonna slow drip info for the next 6+ months.

User Info: Veku

1 month ago#26
Sabo is confirmed as playable character.
Did they really just wasted half of the presentation for allowing a newbie to play the demo which has been revealed days before already?...

BhevHD posted...
The story is confirmed to start from Alabasta

I guess that means not only playable characters will be cut, also the chances for the east blue villain npcs not appearing are pretty high...
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User Info: Aegiros

1 month ago#28
Aside from Buggy who also appears in Marineford, nobody in East Blue is playable so we still don’t know what playable characters will be cut. No need to stress over it. They’re just trimming the non essential arcs and npcs from what I can tell so far.

User Info: Wint3rLongShot

1 month ago#29
I honestly think this stream was boring. I only enjoyed the sabo part and the eye opener that the story was going to start from alabasta. No info on any giant characters until later on down the road such as kaido. The roster is going to be over 40 playable characters which we new by now. Other than that i felt like it wasn't worth the wait for this stream and joy doesn't need to play pw4 he was terrible XD.

User Info: dante_huyvu

1 month ago#30
you guys that desperate for Arlong? im fine with Vivi
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