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  3. 4Chan Roster leak. Supernovas, correct arc costumes (Take with a grain of salt)

User Info: NZerker12

1 week ago#1
So I saw someone mention a roster leak and that they saw it on 4Chan so I got curious and had a look and well if true we may best roster of a One Piece game to date but with it being 4Chan take with a massive grain of salt. With that being said here's what the leak says:

All Straw hats will have arc appropriate attire (doubtful)
PTS Zoro will no longer only have his jacket (maybe)
All Supernovas minus Bonnie playable (doubtful)
All East Blue villains including Hacchi playable (maybe)
Mr 2 and Mr 3 playable (good chance)
Doffy's execs minus Pica playable (doubtful)
Barto, Sai, Cavendish, Chinjou playable (likely)
Dream Log replaced with Adventure Mode from Hyrule Warriors (maybe)

I don't really think this is legit, but if so then they're really going all in on this game.

User Info: Boreale

1 week ago#2
I don't trust it. Seems they just made a wishlist of the most requested characters by fans. I'm in no way expecting that many new characters. And appropriate outfits? Big lol

User Info: EustassDKid

1 week ago#3
Most likely fake, would love it if it was true though.

User Info: Guitarman15

1 week ago#4
too good to be true, so it must be fake
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User Info: NassaDane

1 week ago#5
But those characters are toooo big!
"Ignorance is Bliss"

User Info: Ambrose69UYA

1 week ago#6
Definitely seems fake. The costumes alone kind of debunk this.
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User Info: Sazz

1 week ago#7
It sounds too good to be true.
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User Info: Demonfiend

1 week ago#8
if this is true,f*** yeah,arlong ftw,but i'm definitely thinking this is too good to be true
No......Nothing....Happened! - Roronoa Zoro

User Info: hanfoi

1 week ago#9
super fake
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User Info: orca1992

1 week ago#10
I call bs, to many good stuff
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  3. 4Chan Roster leak. Supernovas, correct arc costumes (Take with a grain of salt)
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