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  3. Who was is favorite character in Pirate Warriors 3?

User Info: EustassDKid

1 week ago#21
I dont remember actually, i think i leveled up everyone to get the trophy.
i do remember who i didnt like tho, most of the pre ts strawhats and peron.

User Info: SparNar607

1 week ago#22
Definitely Shanks

User Info: hyaman

1 week ago#23
Tashigi and Buggy
Shanks, White Beard, Fujitora, Enel, Hancock, and Kuzan

User Info: Ollievice

1 week ago#25
I gotta say Shanks, It still impresses me how they managed to make a move set with him but you feel unstoppable playing as him. The little details like the vibrations in he’s footsteps in one of he’s strings that sends nearby enemies to sleep,

The way enemies float in midair before being launched after he’s sword swipe special, Shanks just feels Boss.

Doffy comes in at a close second, I adore he’s sprinting animation.
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User Info: Vartan90

1 week ago#26
Caesar and Buggy
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User Info: Nightmare319

1 week ago#27
Shanks, Ace and Nami, I played as those three a lot
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User Info: SilentShiro

1 week ago#28
Fujitora, Mihawk, Lucci, Sabo
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User Info: Takethatback

1 week ago#29
I played with Nami, Tashigi, and Luffy a lot. I never really thought about favorites though.

User Info: Karma21

1 week ago#30
Doflamingo, Mihawk and Kizaru. I didn't pkay often with him but i also liked Kuma
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  2. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4
  3. Who was is favorite character in Pirate Warriors 3?
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