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  3. Who was is favorite character in Pirate Warriors 3?

User Info: BhevHD

5 days ago#11
Marco and Law were the only two I got to max level iirc.
no one has spoken of NPCs yet so:

Alvida (she's got unused victory quotes and defeat quotes)
Mr. 1 Daz Bones (He's Baroque Works' Man of Steel)
Monet (she'll turn enemy blood to ice with her snow powers)
Vergo (he's a hulking monster with his Haki skin)
Hody (Hordy) Jones (god I love that War Drum musou of his)
(edited 5 days ago)

User Info: Sazz

5 days ago#13
I would say ALL of them but Chopper. In 4 years playing the game I ended up loving the positive aspects of all but him.

I really hope they change Chopper's moveset completely. He's got many useful transformations, he could be so much fun to play with the new full force burst and mechanics from PW 4.
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User Info: NZerker12

5 days ago#14
Whitebeard and Teach (both versions)

Whitebeard clears everything and has an especially bad ass effect where if you activate Conquerors haki the moment an enemy touches the floor from Heaven and Earth Shaker, you get massive blowback that significantly damages named enemies which is especially useful in Nightmare Log.

Teach because of his darkness mechanic. See the more enemies you absorb at close proximity to each other the more damage liberation does to them. You can drain an enemy entire health bar if you use liberation a the right time.

User Info: NassaDane

5 days ago#15
Magellan and Lucci were my favs.
There were a lot of characters that were really fun to play as however.

If side characters count I love Vergo, wish he was playable.
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User Info: SSJHearts

5 days ago#16
Caesar, Law, & Zoro.
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User Info: Nightfire2512

5 days ago#17
It’s been a while, but Robin, Sabo, Luffy and Zoro are ones I remember using a lot. Smoker was also surprisingly good, despite me being indifferent about him in general.
Mihawk and brook.
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User Info: hanfoi

5 days ago#19
Magellan :(
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User Info: Gmaster32

5 days ago#20
Fujitora because of that unique, broken, and awesome meteor/asteroid attack which can be charged to make it bigger.
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