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User Info: Demonfiend

1 week ago#1
Since we know his Beast form is confirmed as a giant boss,is that it for him? or will his human form be playable with a shrunken down version of his boss form as a transformation?
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User Info: Boreale

1 week ago#2
Nothing on that yet.

User Info: Demonfiend

1 week ago#3
i wish we will get his human form as playable since HONESTLY,the only worthwhile announcements here were:


Nuff said,we just got some more gear 4th and unneeded carrot gameplay
No......Nothing....Happened! - Roronoa Zoro

User Info: Gojjira

1 week ago#4
Just because you dont care for Carrot doesnt mean others should be less hyped, so next time write,, those were the only worthwhile announcments for me".

User Info: hanfoi

1 week ago#5
they are making exagerrated character sizes

imagine you guys would get a 3rd L when Katakuri gets revealed to be a Giant (500cm) boss only character and he wont be playable. Just Imagine that L

The first L you got was Big mom being non-playable (if she were playable they'd have confirmed that by now) and the second L was confirming they would be cutting off characters from PW3 roster.The third would be Katakuri non-playable and the Fourth would be cutting off arcs from the story of PW3
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User Info: Karma21

1 week ago#6
Maybe bug mom will still be playable

User Info: Furryyiffer

1 week ago#7
How is Carrot gameplay unneeded? She is a newly confirmed character that had no gameplay shown yet.
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User Info: hyaman

1 week ago#8
Hope so. Drake is my most wanted new character
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