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Why introduce a mechanic that loses us character?

erm i guess that's either because these characters are too large or maybe they will introduce them as DLC or even worse, they are being saved for a future game

anyways, i think we should start counting the whole roster from the beginning.Now we only have 8 playable characters confirmed :


Anyone from the previous game might be subject to being removed not just large characters since they didn't really confirm that the reason behind this is their large size, they just confirmed that not all the roster from the previous work will return. big characters like Gecko,Magellan,Whitebeard,Kuma and Blackbeard might be cut off? this could be really disasterous to the game

Im wondering why introduce the mechanic at all if it's going to mean some characters will have to leave. Iirc tho they said we wouldn't be losing any navy or warlord so I think Kuma is safe at the least

yea,hopefully ,though that's rough translation from the scan. The best meaning of this they found it difficult to implement aerial actions to all roster of the previous game,and if Magellan was removed,i bet most characters near his size will also be removed.

The question is : Are these sacrifices really worth it? Are we really getting such a "huge" roster so that sacrificing a 2 or 3 of the major villains will not matter? I highly doubt they reworked the support characters to be playable,they will just return them as NPC's and possibly the game will end up with 45 characters :/

October and November most likely will have no new trailers,and possibly no new announced characters and the closer we're to the release date the less characters that could be announced. I am even worried about the story mode cuz it seems they didn't mention the return of all the previous arcs. Possibly it will focus on post time skip ?
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