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  3. *Gets wide open for shot in MyCareer Mode*

User Info: TyVulpine

6 months ago#1
*Call for pass ignored, teammate shoots, misses and turns over the ball*
DA f***???? I swear, the AI is freaking ridiculous. How are you supposed to score when your AI teammates hog the freaking ball??
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User Info: Darth_Lundgren

6 months ago#2
I've always found the player career modes are heavily skewed in favour of playing as a Point Guard. Your example is one of the reasons
PSN ID: Darth_Lundgren

User Info: jtorres007

6 months ago#3
I also hate that the Bucks is always the team to okay at finals on My Career. I hate playing agaisnt them since they make Antetokumpo and invincible basketball god

User Info: J-Fly

6 months ago#4
I'm with the Clippers and just assumed that Kawhi and PG are ball hogs.
PSN: J-Fly
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  3. *Gets wide open for shot in MyCareer Mode*
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