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User Info: kriztofer

1 month ago#1

Let's Go Brandon

User Info: kriztofer

1 month ago#2
Also, anyone else like putting a little paprika or other spices on their eggs?
Let's Go Brandon

User Info: Namewee_Fragile

1 month ago#3

User Info: Anarchy_Juiblex

1 month ago#4
Normally over easy with black pepper and MSG.

But I had some sunny side up the other day . . .
(edited 1 month ago)
Used to be an over medium guy but I've switched to primarily scrambled eggs.

Seems i get more food scrambling the eggs and get to spread the yolk taste to every bite.

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User Info: ShinAkuma777

1 month ago#6
all ways but i generally do scrambled out of laziness/speed because they're the best form for a quick burrito

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User Info: ZayKayWill

1 month ago#7
Scrambled. Only eat quail eggs raw though.
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User Info: Tannhauser

1 month ago#8
Usually over medium, with the whites fully cooked but the yolks still runny.

Scrambled is my second choice.

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User Info: Alex1976

1 month ago#9
Scrambled or in an omelet.

I also like fried eggs regardless of whether the yolk is runny or hard.
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User Info: SubwooferKing

1 month ago#10
Fried, scrambled, sunny side up.

I also like egg whites in sandwiches or burgers
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