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User Info: danny boyx

danny boyx
2 months ago#1
Looking to buy my first one but pretty ignorant about them.
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User Info: Kharillle

2 months ago#2
I heard they aren't good for cooking cores. If you got thick potatoe chips you might try something else to cook the interior.
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User Info: Supplice_

2 months ago#3
Was gifted one a few months back. Same as with my first convection microwave, I tried all the recipes in the book to check out all the different ways you can use it to cook, being enthused and excited at the cooking revolution that had finally arrived in my home. Couple months on, all its really used for is just to reheat things and cheese on toast. Takes up a fair chunk of counter space, too.
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User Info: SaikyoStyle

2 months ago#4
I have the Cosori 5.8 qt and use it almost every day.
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User Info: darkangel76

2 months ago#5
Dad watched the infomercial for the Emeril air fryer and wanted one. I was skeptical but now I love it. It's really just a big toaster oven with a fan and a rotisserie, but it replaced both the toaster and the toaster oven so I saved counter space in the end. It does a good job on frozen breaded baked goods and frozen fries, I've baked cakes and creme brulee in it, basically anything that will fit. The rotisserie is a messy pain to use but it does a great job roasting a small chicken. I've not had good luck making any homemade "air fried" items though, but for general baking it sure is nice not heating up the big oven, and I can put plates, bread or anything I want warmed up on top of it as it bakes.
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User Info: Scorsese2002

1 month ago#6
Finally caved and got a GoWISE air fryer, recommended from a coworker. should be here Wednesday

Got a 7qt size which was cheaper than the 5.8qt, plus it’s an air fryer/dehydrator, which means jerky!

Can’t wait to try it

User Info: Clergybones

1 month ago#7
I like the kitchen aid brands. Try those

User Info: jimbo082

1 month ago#8
I absolutely love them. I have a PowerXL one and love it, however, I think I’d prefer one that has racks so you can fit more. I cook fries, fish, any frozen snack, cooks nice and crispy.
I like that I can cut up potatoes and throw them in, get a shower or something and in 18mins, the fries are ready to eat. That’s sometimes my before work routine
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